Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Fictional Candy

So this hop is hosted by Fictiional Candy and I Smell Sheep! Make sure you check out all the wonderful websites that have signed up to participate in the hop! These people have really got some wonderful prizes set up for you!!

So today im here to  tell you the lucky winner of.

Book Blurb:
Trust Me is the first book in the new Vampire Hearts Series.
Dhamphir Harry Bisson has been hunting the female vampire who turned his father for over a century. The vampire, who has been building her power by feeding off her own family, thinks her bloodline has run out, but Harry has found one last relative–Lindsey Dennis: beautiful, trusting and the perfect bait.
With no knowledge of vampires, Lindsey thinks Harry is her savior and the key to finding the family she has always dreamed of having.
Will Harry save her? Or will his thirst for revenge cause him to sacrifice the only woman he could ever love?

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