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Title: Compulsion
Compulsion Author: Kymberlee  Burks - Miller
Date Published:1st November 2011
Description: After Lilyann Moon's grandmother dies under suspicious circumstance,she and her eleven young family members are thrown into the world of witchcraft and the paranormal. A world they know nothing about, and need to learn fast! Lily's the most powerful witch in over five centuries, but she's untrained and uninitiated. Now the vampires have found out that the Moon line didn't end with her grandmother and they're coming to claim their prize, Her Blood! The only bright spot in this nightmare was meeting Mason, but is she in love with the enemy. She's in a race against time to save her coven! Will Lily survive with her heart and neck intact?
Review: This book starts with Lily a collage student who is dealing with the loss of her granny and some other surprising things.
On the way to see her dad and her granny at the funeral home Lily all most knocks over a man and there is something strange about him. When at the funeral home Lily see to marks in her granny's neck that look like bite marks. nobody has an explanation for this.
After the funeral home they all go to the reading of the will and strange things happen. everyone in the family is given a moonstone and is told NEVER to take them off. Lily is all so given the farm and told she is to look after the rest of the family.
Later that day Lily finds out that  her and the rest of the family are witch's  and that there is real vampire in the world and that there after the moon family's blood.
after this we see the family spending time together getting to know all about there powers and learning how to defend them selves against the vampires.
Lily  meets a handsome man who  she falls in love with but he isn't all he seems and turns out he is a vampire  who is willing to help her family fight the vampires.
over all view: Well where to start, I thought this book flowed really well and and was a really good read.The thing I liked best was how family oriented it was. I think family is really important and this book showed how important it was to have your family by your side. I loved the relationship Lily had with Mason you could see how much they cared for each other.I'm now left hoping for a second book and I'm hoping to get a closer look  at the other members of the moon family.I think allot of you guys will really like this book, so go out and get ya hands on a copy.

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