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Title: Full Moon Rising
Author: Keri Arthur
Full Moon Rising (Riley Jenson Guardian, #1)Series: Riley Jenson series #1
Date Published:26th 2006

Description: In this exciting debut, author Keri Arthur explodes onto the supernatural scene with a sexy, sensuous tale of intrigue and suspense set in a world where legends walk and the shady paths of the underworld are far more sinister than anyone envisioned.

A rare hybrid of vampire and werewolf, Riley Jenson and her twin brother, Rhoan, work for Melbourne’s Directorate of Other Races, an organization created to police the supernatural races–and protect humans from their depredations. While Rhoan is an exalted guardian, a.k.a. assassin, Riley is merely an office worker–until her brother goes missing on one of his missions. The timing couldn’t be worse. More werewolf than vampire, Riley is vulnerable to the moon heat, the weeklong period before the full moon, when her need to mate becomes all-consuming.…

Luckily Riley has two willing partners to satisfy her every need. But she will have to control her urges if she’s going to find her brother….Easier said than done as the city pulses with frenzied desire, and Riley is confronted with a very powerful–and delectably naked–vamp who raises her temperature like never before.

In matters carnal, Riley has met her match. But in matters criminal, she must follow her instincts not only to find her brother but to stop an unholy harvest. For someone is doing some shifty cloning in an attempt to produce the ultimate warrior–by tapping into the genome of nonhumans like Rhoan. Now Riley knows just how dangerous the world is for her kind–and just how much it needs her.

Review:  This is the first book in the Riley Jenson series.  Iv heard good things and bad things about this series but im gonna have to say I really enjoyed it.
Riley is a very strong female lead, she is strong,tough and funny and really sexy. She is a female werewolf/vampire. her and her twin brother work  for Melbourne’s Directorate of Other Races.   They help humans stay safe from the supernatural world.When Rileys brother goes missing Riley has to do the one thing she didnt want to and become a gaurdian.There is all so a steamy relationship between Riley and a sexy vampire named Quinn.
 Alot of people say that this book is filled with nothing but sex.But this book is based around werewolves and when moon heat strikes thats what happens. I did enjoy this book and if I know  you , my followers  you will love this book.


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