Friday, 16 December 2011


PhotobucketOK people I'm starting a new post on a Friday and I'm going to tell you a little about my favourite book people. If any of you who run blogs would like to join in and do a post on your blogs with your favourite book people let me know and ill leave a link at the bottom of each post every week telling my followers to pop on over and check it out. and at the end of your post if you could do the same for me.

So my favourite this week comes from The lords of the underworld series. Anya  is a kick ass chick who loves to make mayhem where ever she goes, she is full of confidence and I  think women should take a good look at her and find there own confidence just like her. xx

Now what do you think of my favourite this week. Now why dont you come and tell me yours, or you could pop over to VANES MATE THE BOOK AHOLIC and see who there favourite is. x


  1. Still haven't read LOTU, but Anya sounds like a cool chick! :)

  2. Nissie im shocked. how have you not read this series. :( you must give it a try. xx

  3. I know, Susie. I'm ashamed of myself. They're on the list for next year :)