Monday, 14 November 2011


Title:  Saved by one, Shared by two.
Saved by One, Shared by TwoAuthor: Sylvia Ryan
Date Published: September 2011

Description: Survival…that’s all Julia was hoping for when she set off alone. The EMP left nothing working and civilization crumbled rapidly. Her plan to flee to safety failed and she lay dying when Arden found her. He brought her home and saved her life.

Julia had no choice but to wait out the winter with sweet, sexy Arden and his seductive best friend, Ben. She tried to ignore the sexual tension and constant temptation of living with the men, but eventually she gave in to each man’s seduction.

When both men came to the realization that they were in love with Julia, their lifelong friendship prevented them from competing for her. So, a deal was struck between them. She would accept and love them together, or not at all.

Review :  An electromagnetic pulse has been detonated making everything stop working, people don't know hoe to deal with this and things start to go bad. People doing what every they can to survive, no matter what it is. Julia and her brother thought this would happen and they were prepared but when Julia tried to get to her brother she collapsed at the side of the road and was found by one hunk of a guy called Arden, Arden takes Julia home and nurses her back to health and things look as if the pair might form a bond because Arden decides he really likes her BUT  his friend turns up on the seane and he all so decides he likes Julia, so here we get our triangle.Or do we. no both of our hunks decide there there friendship is to great to spoil and decide to share Julia, thats if she will go for the idea.

Over all view. Well i have to say I knew I would love this book. I love the Romance and im going to be truthful and tell you I love the sexiness of this book. I loved that Syliva took the end of the world idea done so many times and made it her own and put her own little spin on it. If you talked to any one who knows me, they would tell you that I like the leading lady to be strong and I think we got this with this book. I think anyone who likes erotica books should give this book a try because the sex seanes are really good and make you hot lol. I really think this book is worth reading everybody so please give it a try.



  1. Scrolling quickly so that I don't see anything. I have this one on my Nook to read for review. I'm glad to see that you enjoyed it. I hope I do as well.

  2. I love all the naughty books you share:)) Im definitely adding this one!

  3. Thanks for the great review, Satin!
    As a new author, It makes me excited and nervous when I'm reading through a review to get to the part telling if they liked it or not. I can't even describe how great it feels when someone gives it their recommendation.