Friday, 23 September 2011


OK people I'm starting a new post on a Friday and I'm going to tell you a little about my favourite book people. If any of you who run blogs would like to join in and do a post on your blogs with your favourite book people let me know and ill leave a link at the bottom of each post every week telling my followers to pop on over and check it out. and at the end of your post if you could do the same for me.

So this weeks Favourite book person has to be Acheron from the Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon.


Acheron (AKA Ash) is the first ever Dark- Hunter. Before he became a Dark - Hunter, Ash had a very hard life. born with an aura that makes women and men find him extremely attractive.His Silver swirling eyes that would keep people captivated.  This becomes a curse for him and his life spiraled out of control to the point he lost his life. When all the other dark hunters were made they all turned to Ash for advise and support.being the first DH he is there leader. He is a legend to all.  When people see Ash coming they are often scared because he gives off this dark and dangerous vibe. Keeping people at arms length so that they don't get to know the real him.Never putting him self first, He will do anything to keep the people he loves safe and well.

Ash has an amazing tattoo which can  move around his body and  change shape, but its normally in the shape of a dragon. This tattoo is called Simi and she is a demon.

Acheron Picture

I think I love Ash so much because he has had a troubled past and he longs for a normal life and someone to love. He all ways puts other people before him self and lets not for get that he is completely buff. I love the fact that he can kick any ones butt and oh lets not forget the fact that he can change his hair colour,.I love it when he has it green.


  1. Awesome post, Susie! I think I would like to meet Ash. :)

  2. Holy HECK. This last pic of him...*thud* Rawwrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Oh my GOD. Thanks for sharing haha. :-)

  3. I'm a Kyrian fan myself, but great post babes ;)

  4. thank you ladies. :) _YAY_ ash is all mine lol

  5. You can have Ash!! Im a Vane Lova myself...even though he's not a Dark Hunter he's still my fav! But Ash is yummalicious:) Great Post!!!