Friday, 29 July 2011


Blood and Light
Title: Blood and Light
Author:  Rue Volley
 Date Published:  July 20th 2011

Description: " Enter into the world of 16 year old Rue Volley...who up until one fateful night at a party, thought she was ""normal"" or as ""normal"" as she could be. But ""normal"" does not include being a vampire...a truth about herself that she will soon discover.

Rue Volley lives in the quiet little town of Calvary, Minnesota...nestled in the thick woods lining the great lakes. Rue, along with her brother Kai have lived an otherwise calm life up until their Mother was committed into Rolling River Asylum, after she mysteriously stopped speaking to anyone. Rue is convinced by her brother to attend a party on her birthday and after she experiences something that she cannot explain, she and everyone in her world is thrown into madness. Join Rue on this epic journey, 6 books in all, as she struggles with grief, love, humor, old crushes, new found infatuations, hot boys AND vampires, lots and lots of them.

This first book in the series starts you on a journey that you will find hard to ignore and once you start

reading you will be hooked...or perhaps bitten."

Review:    Rue is a 17yo girl, but she's not any normal girl, she has a shock coming to her.
KAI - Rues Brother drags her to a party, because she never gets out, she lives in her own little world But things are about to change. at the party she meets a young man called Johnathan, and the two hit it off straight away. while this is going on Rues mum is in a hospital not spoken for years but one night she speaks and say Rues in trouble. Right back to Rue,  Rue and Johnathan  are getting down and dirty lol, and something happens and Rue is covered in blue flames and something happens to Johnathan and he goes crazy and trys to attack  Rue. but all is not as it seems.
Right im going to leave it there lol. yes I know I'm a tease but i really think you should read this book, it was so full of action and we all know  I love my action. Rue has a wonderful talent for writing, her descriptions in her books makes you feel like your traveling  along side the characters and I love to feel like I'm a part of the book. so guys please give this book a try, I'm sure you will love it.

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