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Hey guys, I'm here today to let you know of a great author iv found, I'm friends with this girl on facebook and she is really a great chick. So today guys I'm   going to be interviewing Rue Volley.

SATIN- Hey chick, thanks for taking the time to talk with me, iv been looking up some of your work and they seem my kind of thing . :) So can you tell me how you got into writing. what made you sit up and think, " yes that's what I wanna do".

RUE- *Well. Truth be told I never thought about being a writer, as crazy as that sounds, seeing that I wrote 6 books in a years time. I turned 40 and it pissed me off. I never thought about age and time until I received my cake with fire hazard candles on it and it hit me…we do not live forever. So I pulled out pen and paper and started to write and write and write some more and when I was done I had 2 chapters, that were truly more in my “head” than understandable for any reader. I called in help (from my now full time editor Holly Buckler) and re-vised and re-worked and then it started to come together. Then the strangest thing happened,I found out that my estranged Father died and I took it as a sign, because he actually died the day I started to write. To avoid being too graphic, I will just say this…it took them 13 days to find his body. Anyway, Blood & Light suddenly became a safe haven of sanity for me to grieve for the loss of my Dad and share crazy stories, true ones from my life. A biography of sorts I guess. No one will ever know me better than reading this series…how I truly feel about everything and how I pulled myself back from the brink of insanity*

SATIN- can you tell me 5 things that people don't know about you, something that might let them get to know you better. Yes I know that's a hard one but hey its fun for

RUE- Hahahahahaha! Oh my. Well, let’s see. I love to build furniture. I have many power tools that I am not afraid to use. I am bi-sexual, have been my whole life. I believe that everyone’s opinion should be respected. I believe and practice in energy. The Chakra, specifically, and actually used my knowledge of that in my series as I based my vampires more on feeding on energy than blood. AND I am a nature freak, as in I love to be outdoors, in the woods. I am also a photographer and shoot outside pretty much exclusively…taking pictures of nature and models for the characters of my books

SATIN- would you like to tell us a little about your latest work. whats been your favourite bit, and the hardest bit.

RUE- Well, I have written 5 books in the Blood & Light vampire series and am currently writing book 6. I also took a break from Blood & Light and started a new series called “Stuff & Things and what boredom brings…a witches tale” I plan to write a second book in that series called “This & that and what killed the cat.” I do not know how many books I will write in that series. I just recently signed a contract with Vamptasy Publishing and I am now using all my energy towards promoting and marketing the Blood & Light series, so it may take me a moment to get back to that new series. My favorite bit of writing Blood & Light has and always will be the fact that it is a true story on my end. All the characters are based on people in my life, past relationships, crazy things I have experienced and “Rue”, my main character, is me through and through. The hardest part has been fighting my demons in this series, past ones that I needed to accept and leave in the past where they should be

SATIN- Well i find, most people have days where they cant seem to get there brain to work. may i add some more then others *cough, me, cough*. do you have days like this and what do you do to pull your self round, so you can Carrie on with your writing.

RUE- My worst days are the ones where I dwell on things in my life. Writing this story has helped me more than any therapist ever could have. I have never experienced “writers block” which is such a huge blessing. When I write, I write a full chapter, all my chapters tend to be 15 to 20 pages long…but my series is an easy read. I do not over describe anything and use a lot of conversation to make the reader feel as if they are truly living the story along with the characters. Doing this I find that the story just writes itself most days

SATIN- OK totally random question, because my followers know I'm totally random, are you a book whore, *cough, like, cough, me cough*. Most of the girls and guys that follow my blog have favourite book guys, I have one in every series, well maybe more then one *smiles sweetly*. which is your favourite book guy.

RUE- Well, in other books I would have to say “Jace” from Cassandra Claressarcastic and such a “good” pain in my ass. lol

SATIN- Now we all must make time for our selves, so when your not coming up with these great ideas for books to keep us crazy book people happy, what do you do, how do you relax and forget your troubles. man that sounded like the beginning of a song. lol.

RUE- Hahahahaha! Well it did actually. I guess I am a workaholic, if I am not writing I am promoting and networking with other great authors and bloggers. I guess the only “down time” I experience is watching movies and Japanese anime, or playing video games. I wind down around 5 or 6 in the evening and try to give my brain a rest everyday. I guess my photography helps me too, I try to do it as often as I can. And sex…when I can fit it in. lol

SATIN- OK another random question. yes i love these ones. if you could take any one in the world out for dinner, who would it be. *waves hands in the air while shouting me, me, me, me* lol and why would you pick them.

RUE- Johnny Depp…to convince him that he should spend more time with me. Lol Who am I kidding? It’s not like he has EVER spent time with me, but god what a hottie. Lol and YOU of course my lovely vixen. Perhaps we can organize that, I will see what I can do…you, me, Johnny Depp… sounds like a fun night.

SATIN- Now Id like to say thank you again for taking the time to talk to little old me, I really enjoyed it. have you any last words for my followers, now they can be as sane or as crazy as you like lol.

RUE- Well, I would just say that I would appreciate any of them to give my series a look see. I guarantee that it will keep them entertained and suck them into a crazy world of vampires, that are very realistic, down to earth and seem as if you could or do know them in life. My books are easy reads, that will cause them to laugh, cry and possibly feel a vibration in a naughty way. They are definitely more in the adult genre with language, sexual situations and violence and everyone who has started the series gets addicted to it quickly and wants to read more. I am a huge believer that it is the fans that are most important and I thank everyone for giving a new author a chance to keep them entertained. I write for them as much as for myself and offer a new style of writing, where you do not get lost, or have to look up words or feel as if I took too much time describing something. I just tell it like it is, and since the books themselves are a huge part of the story, you are hearing it from my main characters point of view, as if you stumbled across her diary or stepped into her world. The first book starts out going in one direction and then you are suddenly sucked into a crazy world, where you will experience romance, hot vampires, humor, seduction and a girl (that being myself) navigating her way through her life and being forced to accept herself on every level and in Rue Volleys case…it is that of being an immortal vampire and how hard that actually is.

Other places you can check out Rue's work. ...facebook fanwall. ...where to buy the books. home website for the books.

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  1. wow, what a great interview! I love the personal questions. I too will be 40 in January so I will get the cake from hell I`m sure, lmbo. Thanks for sharing girls ;) I can`t wait to read your books Rue.

  2. Awesome Interview! I have introduced my hubby to Rue's Blood and Light Series and we are both hooked!! She is fabulous! xoxo Kymberlee

  3. Nice interview, Rue! Very interesting! So glad to know I'm not the only 40something hanging around. :)

  4. thanks ladies , i had so much fun talking to Rue.

  5. Great interview babes. I really enjoyed it ;)