Thursday, 7 July 2011


OK so you have seen me interview authors and models, well now its your turn, I'm going to be interviewing my fellow bloggers, find out what makes you

Now today Guy's and Gal's I'm going to be talking to the most nicest lady iv ever met, now this lady has a heart of gold and she would help anyone who is in need. Yes you have all probably guest it, I'm going to be interviewing Megan  from  RIVERINA ROMANTICS.


SATIN-  Now Megan i want to thank you for coming and talking with us. can you tell us who is your fav  book guy and why? 

MEGAN- I love Zsadist from the Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward. There is a special place in my heart for survivors of abuse. I think he's done more to earn his woman than the usual hero of a book. That he learned how to read for Bella was great and the whole I love you note was such an "Awww..." moment. I love how he took John Matthew under his wing and how he was scared of talking to Nalla about his slave tattoos. Damn! I want to go read his book and novella now!.

SATIN- Now babes i want you to tell me why you do your blog.

MEGAN- I first got into helping Jodie with the blog because I'm the Competition Queen. I'm always posting stuff on FB and winning a whole bunch of giveaways. Then it kinda blossomed from there. I love talking about books even if I'm not the best at reviews. Reading is my life and I like to share my opinions.

SATIN- whats been the best post you have ever done.

MEGAN- I love man candy! My eyes are so greedy so naturally I love doing my weekly Hump Day Hotties posts LOL! You should drop in for your viewing pleasure!

SATIN- If you could take any one for dinner who would it be? (please say me lol)

MEGAN- Anyone to dinner? Well, I choose that to be plural anyone, therefore I'd love it if I could take all my book buddies out. Of course that would be a little hard seeing a Jodie is in Australia, your in the UK, Kiki's in Ireland...We're all spread out!

SATIN- Oh I so want that dinner party to happen lol, Now Which is your fav blog ever?

MEGAN-  I hate playing favorites!!! If I have to choose I think it would be a tie between Bitten by Paranormal Romance and Reading Between the Wines. Laurie at BbPNR has been really supportive of my fumbling attempts at reviewing. Crystal at RBtW and I share the same view of almost every book that we've both read.     

And there you have it people, that's what our girl had to say.  I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, I love this girl to bits and I know most of you guys do as well. Leave her a comment people and show her how much we love her :)



  1. Thanks for sharing. I didn't realize you ladies were all so far away & in other countries. Australia, I've always wanted to visit there!

  2. I'm all about Zsadist. Awesome choice Megan! Great interview. :)

    ~ Sarah ♥ I'm Loving Books

  3. Thanks for the chance to tell others about myself Sue! You my girl and will be forever!

    Thanks Sarah! I have 2 of his tee's from Cafe Press!

    I'd love to go to Australia to Jeep Diva. Well, not now since it's winter but I'd still love to go :)

  4. Megan - You ARE great at reviews babe!!
    And I wish I could meet you all too.

    How bout we all meet up for my 30th next March. You can all come down to Aus and we will make a week of it. Start saving - I'm serious.

    Jeep Diva - I see you every where babe. Are we friends on Goodreads??
    You should come to Aus, you would love it - just not right now, I'm freezing my bits off.

  5. Megan, you know I love you! Great interview, sweeties :)

    I think all of us getting together in one place would be a blast! I don't think that town would ever be the same :)

  6. Great interview Sue! Thanks for sharing Meg, and your Z is a hottie ;) LOL