Monday, 20 June 2011


The Vampire Who Loved Me (Harlequin Nocturne, #113)

The Vampire Who Loved Me
Book #2 in the Sons of Midnight mini-series from Harlequin Nocturn
By Theresa Meyers 
Releases: May 24, 2011 


Dr. Rebecca Chamberlin hated nothing more than the vampires who had turned her loved ones into creatures of the night…until she became one herself. Now her experimental vaccine has become more urgent than ever, and has made her the target of vampire security chief Achilles Stefanos. 


Built like a god with golden hair and an irresistible allure, Achilles made her feel passion the way no mortal man had before. Beck could no more deny her craving for him than she could the hated bloodlust in her veins. But when her vaccine fell into the wrong hands, Beck has a difficult choice to make—one that challenged everything she’d always believed…..

Dark and dangerous, the Sons of Midnight are a temptation that few can resist! 

Review:  Dr Rebbecca  ( Beck)  Chamberlin, was on the look out for a cure  to stop people being turned into a vampire, when she thinks she has found it, she is forced to take it by her bosses, but to her shock she is  turned into a vampire, as she goes deeper into the vampire world, she comes across Achilles, ho agrees to mentor  her. as the pair spend more time together   Beck feels her self falling for him but she isn't the only one Achilles feels the pull as well. but he is forbidden to take things  any where. This in turn brings its own problems. but deep down he knows he cant stop the feelings he as for her.

I loved   two, I  think they brought   a funny side to this could see them growing as the book went on. Beck is the kind of ladie  all women want to be.  Funny and strong and very smart.. wow I am so jealous  of this girl. I would so love to be her.  I would so read more of this Authors work, i really enjoyed it. once i got into it i didn't want it to end. So I thank  the author loads. Ladies if you like paranormal romance then you  will love this book. i think you should all have a go at it.. 



  1. This book sounds so hot and the cover is just sexy....

  2. *GASP* SUZIE YOU HAVE A BLOG?!?! Oh my gosh, I really have been living under a rock. Your blog looks GREAT!! Congratulations, hun. =]


  3. Sounds good!! Must check it out ;)