Thursday, 23 June 2011


Ok so you have seen me interview authors and models, well now its your turn, im going to be interviewing my fellow bloggers, find out what makes you tick.

Now im so excited about this one because the interview is going to be done with my girl kiki over at Madame D's Boudoir . I love this girl to bits, and she has done so much for me over the past months.



SATIN-  ok girly  Who is your fav book guy, and why?

KIKI- WINTER!!!! He is so goddamn dreamy!! He's a vampire, Grr... from Felicity Heaton's amazing 'Vampires Realm' series. His book is called 'Winter's Kiss' and it too is amazing!! Felicity's men are not the usual romance novel type - all rainbows and butterflies. They are all dark and deadly, and it is a huge turn on for me. Yes, I'm perverted - deal with it... lol. Anywho, Winter is tall, dark, broody, sexy as Hell with his blue/purple eyes, and dangerous beyond words. But it's the hidden vulnerability that makes me melt. His wants and needs, all his emotional turmoil, that makes me wanna sooth his ache. *swoon* He is a total Hunk in my mind, and he is totally Mine!! Muahahahahaha!!! *cough* Felicity has said so herself, so back off ladies!! Lookie, No touchie!!!

SATIN-  yeah some how i dont think any one will take you on chick, pluss i got ya back. lol.  Now  Why do you do your blog  sweetcheeks. :)  ?.

KIKI- For fun baby!! I haven't been doing it for very long, started in November time last year. It was a mate of mine who told me to do it. After joining Goodreads I started reviewing my books, as you do, and then people started leaving positive comments on them. So, my mate told me to start up a blog and post them there too. I thought 'Why not' and created 'Madame D's Boudoir - now, as you know babes it's nothing like the real thing, but it's cool all the same. Mmm... I could soooo be doing with a visit to the Sex-den right now. Wanna come? You can help me feed them some muffin!! *wink* .... *2hrs later*.... Anywho, what were we talking about? Oh, the blog, that's right. As I was saying, it's all for fun. I love to read, and love sharing my opinions on the books even more. Hopefully everyone else ejoys reading them and finds them somewhat useful.

SATIN-   YOU SO KNOW ME BABES, I LOVE FEEDING MUFFINS TO PEOPLE   IN OUR SEX-DEN *LICKS LIPS*  - Now where were we, lol. oh yeah , What's been the best post you have ever done?

KIKI- Ohh.... that's a toughie!! There has been a few. Obviously I loved interviewing both Kallysten and Felicity Heaton - you know how much I crush over them two... lol. I love their work, their books always excite me. The dark and dangerous elements they add to the love story ropes me in. Plus, the sex scenes are beyond steamy, and they know how to write a good old fight scene too.

I also love my Hunks. *sigh* My week would not be complete without that special piece of -Hunkalicious ass to drool over!! Grr...

  SATIN- Right im going to stop you there before i get any more hot and sweaty. lol. Next question. If you could take any one for dinner who would it be? (please say me lol)

KIKI- What!! Just one - no fair!! I'm not playing by your rules right now, I'm not gonna chose one person. I'm gonna have a dinner party. So Ha!! And my guests for this dinner party will include; Myself obviously, You, Beiron Andersson, Kallysten, Olly Barkley, Felicity Heaton, Joss Kloss, Meg, Jimmy Thomas, Suzanne, Anne, William Levy, Angela, Francesca, and Nathan Kamp of course. We will be having White Choc Mouse followed by Dark Choc sauce with sprinkles, and then a multitude of Jello for dessert. Yum!! There will be no fine china or cutlery, so prepare to get dirty my lovelies... LOL.

SATIN.Oh i so want that dinner party to happen lol, Now  Which is your fav blog ever?

KIKI- Ohh... you can't ask me that!! I can't chose!!! Sue!!!! You're terrible Woman!! Okay, I'm just gonna go ahead and say 'Madame D's Boudoir'... lol. Don't wanna hurt any of my ladies feelings.

Ok there you have it,what  my girl had to say, I  hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. I love chatting to this girl she cracks me up. 


Id like to add if any one wants to take a turn in this fun weekly guest blog, then give me a shout and ill send the questions  over to you..


  1. Oh man I'm not on the list boo hoo. I might have to gate crash the party, and take winter with me. Mwah, love you girls. Great interview again. Lovely to chat, Mel from oz.

  2. OMG, best interview ever (even if I did nearly choke on my morning caffeine injection)! You girls are a riot - I love both your blogs to death, and hope you never stop.

  3. thank you ladies, glad you liked it... *kiss*

  4. Mel!!!! Don't even go there girl - you know I'll spank you if you start :P

    And thanx Sally ;)

  5. oh we getting kinky now are we lol.

  6. And you know how much we love our kink! Great interview ladies? Who would have guessed that Winter was your favorite Kiki? LMAO!

  7. thanks for stopping by megan, it will soon be your turn.

  8. You better believe it Meg ;)

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