Thursday, 16 June 2011


OK so you have seen me interview authors and models, well now its your turn, I'm going to be interviewing my fellow blogger, find out what makes you tick.

This week I'm going to be talking to  the one and only Darkfallen, from all the way  at  Paranormal Wastelands. I love this chick, so much, she is a kind and caring ladie, and she is very funny..


Paranormal Wasteland

1, who is your fav book guy and why 

 Oh Sue you can't do this to me....I'm kinda a book whore, so lets see if I can keep it short;)
Lachlain & Bowen from IAD by Kresley Cole...What can I say I love me some Scotish Wolfy's *winks*

Then there is Patch from Hush Hush of course. I mean misterious, wears tight black tees, has scars on his back from losing his wings during the fall, gambles, hangs in smokey pool halls, total bad boy...can you say punish me? *waggles eyebrows*
And then there is Brian AND Trey from Olivia Cunning's The Sinner's series. Its no secret that I have a thing for tattos, or bad boys, then you put a guitar in their hands, and well I'm screwed...or would like to be;) But my favorite of the 2 is Trey. Once Olivia told me that he was based of my rock GOD Zacky Vengence...all hope was lost...time for new panties *growls*

2, why do you do your blog

I have my blog because a few close friends thought I should. I guess they thought I was awesome, I dunno, i don't see it. But for reals it's just fun & I love all my chics I've met! And Reading is a must for me...beside I don't sleep so I needed a hobby;)

3, whats been the best post you have ever done

My fav post so far was when I did the Rock Hard giveaway. I asked everyone who their lusty rock num num was and t was really cool getting to hear everyones answer. That and Olivia Cunning chatted via email with me through the whole thing. She is truely just an awesome, fun, snarky chis, and I love her...and she taunts me by hanging Trey over my head LMAO

4, if you could take any one for dinner who would it be, ( please say me lol)

Ok ok ok Sue you totally have to come with me, but I would have to say Zacky Vengence from Avenged Sevenfold. I mean tatts, peircings, guitar playing, sexy lusty num num num....and is you behave during dinner, Sue I might even share him;)

5, which is your fav blog ever

My fav blog has yet to be determined. I love so many. It used to be Bewitched Bookworms, and they prolly still are honestly, but I have met so many other great ones lately!

And Sue...I love it when you pimp me baby. You treat your hoes well;)


So there you have  it, Darkfallen  has spoken, from what you can see she is a top chick,  and I love her loads.  if you want to hear more from Darkfallen pop on over to paranormal wastelands  .


  1. Great interview ladies! I know I follow you Darkfallen! BTW Kresley's Lykae's are mine! =O)

  2. That was an awsome interview..and well I love the IAD series,,and I have to agree scottish shape shifters,,but currently Im tangled up with Bones..*sigh* and I actually have The sinners on tour downloaded wasn't gonna read till after July 5 for Hots sizzlin book challenge,,and the more tats and piercings..the better,,my Rock Heart Throb is Jacoby shaddix lead singer of Papa Roach,,
    anyway,,now a follower of both you and paranormal wastelands...
    thanks for sharing

  3. Great Interview ladies!! It was fun ;)

  4. *sniffles* thanks for mentioning and loving us !!

    ...and you see? Blogging is fun and see where it got you in such a short amount of time!! Your blog is awesome and so are you! I'm glad you started your own blog...

    Awesome interview!!!

  5. @Meg~ HAHAHAHAS girl you better watch out! Greta has already chased me with a chainsaw over Lachlain. That women is ruthless and visious when it comes to him. In fact I think I hear the hum of that saw again....lolz

  6. HAHAHS!!! Rawrrrr Rawrrr Rawrr!!

    Run run ruN!!

    Greta has her chainsaw out agin!!

    Most awesome interview and most awesome post!!

  7. thanks for stopping by ladies, darkfallen your an amazing chick.. love ya girl.*kiss*