Monday, 23 May 2011


Blue-Eyed Devil (Travises, #2)Title: Blue-eyed  Devil
Author: Lisa Kleypas
Date Published:  25 march 2008



His name is Hardy Cates. He's a self-made millionaire who comes from the wrong side of the tracks. He's made enemies in the rough-and-tumble ride to the top of Houston's oil industry. He's got hot blood in his veins. And vengeance on his mind.

She's Haven Travis. Despite her family's money, she refuses to set out on the path they've chosen for her. But when Haven marries a man her family disapproves of, her life is set on a new and dangerous course. Two years later, Haven comes home, determined to guard her heart. And Hardy Cates, a family enemy, is the last person she needs darkening her door or setting her soul on fire.

Filled with Lisa Kleypas's trademark sensuality, filled with characters you love to hate and men you love to love, Blue-Eyed Devil will hold you captive in its storytelling power as the destiny of two people unfolds with every magical word 


Iv been wanting to read this book for ages now, I love Lisa's work so much.. she hasn't disappointed yet.

The book starts Haven's point of view, she is a rich girl who feels guilty for all the money her family has, she goes to a family wedding with boyfriend   Nick, its here she meets  Hardy , she follows him in to the wine cellar thinking he is Nick. She doesn't find out he's not Nick till she is kissing him in the dark,   and man what a kiss  *swoon*. They agree to leave things there and not tell anyone what had happened but the attraction was still there.  I so don't blame Haven for this because Hardy is really hot.
In the book Haven goes on to marry Nick, all her family tell her not to because they don't trust him, they think he's just after her family's money.But she marries him any way and things go very bad. Nick turns violent and bossy and controlling. He works on Haven till she has no confidence left in her. Now the scene that sticks in my head, is when Lisa goes in to great detail of Nick's abuse of her. he rapes her so hard he rips her insides and then he beats her till she is all most dead. if it wasn't for Gage, Haven's big brother she wouldn't of made it out alive. And this makes me love Gage even more then i did in the first book. He will do anything for his little sister and I think  its so sweet. Gage helps her through her divorce so she doesn't have to see much of Nick and then she gets help from her brother Jack in the form of a job, along the way she comes back in contact with Hardy and they have to work together to over come Havens past.
I'm going to leave it there because I don't want to spoil the book for you all, but omg I loved it.  I don't think iv read one of Lisa's books I didn't like, but after reading the first book  in this series i was so disappointed that Hardy didn't end up with liberty, I did love Gage, but for people to end up with there first love is so romantic, But having said that I'm so glad he got with Haven. I loved Haven so much and the way she was so strong to deal with what she did. I was like wow, I think more women should be as strong as she was. I think Lisa did a good job with this book, it gave me so many ups and downs, she had me crying like a baby at one point. and so happy the next. yes I know I'm going on but I did really love this book.  I'm really thinking of buying the full series..

Thank you Lisa for such a great read. xx



  1. Great review Sue! I don't read a lot of LK's work but this sounds good!

  2. Awesome review, Sue! This series has been on the tbr for a long time. I think maybe I need to get to it. :)

  3. i love her books, i can read all of her books and never be disopointed.

  4. nissie you should read them, wait till you meet hardy.. *swoon*

  5. What few I've read, I really loved. I'll move these up. You've got me excited!

  6. lol, you need to read first Gage is well hot to, oh and then theres jack god theres some drool worthy guys in this lot of books lol

  7. I'll get them in order. There are only 3, right?

    lol I think everyone can agree Lisa Kleypas certainly knows how to create a hero.

  8. im not sure how many there is to be truthful lol.

    she def knows about er hot sexy guys lol