Sunday, 15 May 2011


Ok ladies the time is here,  Not so long back i did a sneak interview with with the very hot Steve  Sandalis. Steve  has been graced the   pages of 700  romance novehis picture onls, and has had his  picture  printed on over 50 million books worldwide, Steve Sandalis  was formaly known as  "The Topaz Man" . Iv been  very lucky to get to talk to him, i hope you all enjoy..

Satin-  Steve thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to speak with me, i know you must be very busy..Tell us about yourself: Why did you want to work as a model? Why were you interested in that Career? What led you to apply for modelling for book covers?.

Steve- I never applied for modeling for book covers. I was discovered on a beach in Florida when I was going to college. I was offered a very nice contract and being born and raised in New York, it was exciting to move back to the city and work as a model.

Satin- As iv seen from your pictures your a total hottie. did you have to have any special diet , or exercise to keep in shape for the modelling jobs you did.

Steve-I have always loved exercise and fitness. During my modeling days, I would eat a high protein low fat diet. I also love lifting weights and competed in natural body building competitions.

Satin- when you were posing for a very intimate scene, what thoughts were you usually going on in your head ? Did any of them lead to trouble *wink* lol.

Steve-  When posing in intimate scenes, it was usually the most uncomfortable position I was EVER in. We would often be twisted like a pretzel and there would be no time to be thinking about trouble…Quite often I worked with the same female models and we were all friends. Unfortunately modeling is not as glamorous as it may seem. P.S. Being spritzed with cold water from a water bottle and a fan blowing on you in the Winter does not lead to a romantic situation. LOL

Satin- what covers have you modelled for, is there any my ladies will know...which was your favourite one to do.?

Steve-  When I had my contract, I was the Topaz Man. I had my own line of books and Penguin was the publisher.

Satin- So i know that your not doing the modelling now, you have become a landscape designer and it says on your website you do it for the stars, have you done any ones gardens that we might know.? and can i meet them lol..

Steve- Presently I am working on Tom Brady and  Gisele Bundchen's  home, I have done Scott Baio who is  probably best known for his role as  Chachi Arcola on the sitcom  Happy Days, Jeff Probst from Survivor , Kyle Lauder from  Days of our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful. The Cyrus (yes, as in miley) family, Matt  Sorum (drummer of velvet revolver, formerly of Guns and Roses and The Cult), to name a few.

Satin- what do you like do best, modelling or ths landscape designing. and why? what made you go in to that line of work.

Steve-   Thats a hard question because I enjoy doing them both. With the modeling, I did a lot of traveling, made great money and got paid to work out and stay in good shape. As a landscape designer, I own my own business and i love meeting new people and getting them excited about their properties. It is very satisfying being a landscape designer. when the project is completed the owner is blown away and overwhelmed with the transformation. 

Satin- ok as my ladies know i like to ask a very random question, because i'm kind of a very random person, so here goes. what's your cell phone number and do you wanna have a date sorry i'm only joking lol..'s my real question. Which would you choose, true love with a guarantee of a heart break or have never loved before?.

Steve- I would say true love with a guarantee of a heat break. 

Satin- id like to thank you again for taking the time to talk with us, i wish you good look for the future..

ok ladies below you will find some of the book covers the Steve has done, i hope you enjoy,
and don't drool to much lol.



  1. Great interview!! He would be great as a Hottie of the Week!


  2. Great interview Sue! I love the comment about being twisted like a pretzel. Sure it looks good on the cover, but I'm sure it's awkward to accomplish! lol

    ~ Sarah ♥ I'm Loving Books

  3. Great Interview Sue!! Thanks for stopping by Steve, you handsome man!!

  4. i knew you would like him lol

  5. Loved the interview! The other day it wouldn't let me post. I loved all the name dropping. I knew all but one!