Saturday, 23 April 2011


Title: The Cries of  Vampira: The Horror of the Gaad Grey,
The Cries Of Vampira: The Horror Of Gaad Grey, The Evil Alpha Werewolf (The Cries of Vampira, #1) the Evil Alpha Werewolf
Author: Sean  H  Robertson
Series:  The Cries of Vampira #1

When i spoke to sean this is what he had to say about his book.

"You can tell your Blog Readers that ten percent of the royalties from The Cries Of Vampira series is donated to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and the ebook versions are only .99 cents each! Thank you!"   

The Cries Of Vampira is a Vampire Romance/Dark Fantasy/Historical Fiction series. This 13,000 word novella #1 primarily occurs in one dark night)

17 year old Assassin Vampire Princess Kristin is the next heir to the throne of Vampira, land of the first Vampires. For the first time in her young life, she's fallen in love with her best friend, Jolan. In 12th century Scotland her royal family, the Robertson Clan, defends their Vampirian citizens as well as Earth's human population against the onslaught of the Grey Wolves. Gaad Grey, the abominable young leader of the first werewolf species, seeks vengeance upon all resist his rule. Will Kristin, along with her triplet siblings, Kylie & Kolbe, choose to sacrifice everything in order for peace to reign in Scotland once again? Will Kolbe, the rebel Prince, continue to be destroyed by his inner demons? Can Kylie unite all of Earth's species? Will Kristin's new romance with Jolan survive the night?

Review:   What can I say about this book, other then it’s not like your most normal vampire/ werewolf story . In this book the werewolfs are not the hot sexy guys we know and love out of other books. In this book the werewolfs are nasty horrid things who want to over run the vamps…and the vamps are caring and and wants to save man kind…. Yeah not many vamps want to do that lol.yeah not at all what you expect….any way as the fight goes on to see who will rule….Gaad a young werewolf is orphaned and is brought up by a family with the sole purpose of revenge.
The book then moves on in to the future and you get to meet Princess Kristin, an she is the heir to the vampire throne. She has all so been trained to fight along side her sister princess Kylie..Gadd then takes Kylie as his prisoner and Kristin then has to come up with a plan to get her back.
I loved the idea of the vampires at war with the werewolf but I think the Author could of done a little bit more to let us know what each character was going through. There was action from the word go…Gaads parents getting killed then the kidnapping of Kylie. i think you should give this book a try and let me know what you think. coz i think there will be a lot of you that will enjoy it.

I cant wait to see if book 2 has as much going on as this one did…



  1. I have this. I grabbed it from GR

  2. its not one of my fav books but i like what the guy is doing...