Friday, 8 April 2011


Title:  Darkest Passion
The Darkest Passion (Lords of the Underworld, #5)Author: Gena Showalter
Series: Lords of the Underworld
Date Published:  25 May  2010                  

  For weeks, the immortal warrior Aeron has sensed an invisible female presence. An angel--demon-assassin--has been sent to kill him. Or has she? Olivia claims she fell from the heavens, giving up immortality because she couldn't bear to harm him. But trusting--and falling for--Olivia will endanger them all. So how has this "mortal" with the huge blue eyes already unleashed Aeron's darkest passion?

Now, with an enemy hot on his trail and his faithful demon companion determined to remove Olivia from his life, Aeron is trapped between duty and consuming desire. Worse still, a new executioner has been sent to do the job Olivia wouldn't


Well iv finally got to my fav book in the whole series.I love love love this book..Its the best so far.

Aeron OMG. he is my fav Lord. He  is tall dark and very sexy, and thinking about him makes my toes curl... he is brooding and spends alot of time on his own but he will do any thing for the other Lords,because  he see's them as brothers.  For weeks  he feels he is being watched and he cant put his finger on what it is then one day this girl turns up climing to love him and it turns out she is a  Angel who as fallen  just because of the love she has for Aeron... Aeron all so has a demon called Legion who he loves as a daughter but Legion doesnt seem him as a father, she wants more form him, so when olivia turns up she gets very jealous and trys to  get rid of her..

Olivia  i like Olivia she is so soft and sweet but she has a very  strong  side  to her, she is willing to do anything for her love of Aeron in hope  that he will love her back...So when she realises that Legion loves Aeron as well she has to find a way to fight for him or give him up...I thought she was a brave  when galen kidnapped her to try get info out of her about the Lords . but even through the  beatings  she never gives any tells them  anything...

Legion omg i hate her, she is nasty and mean and really gets on my nearves, yes i know she's a demon and she is ment t be like this but there is no reason   for her to treat Olivia the way she did.

This was far the best book in the series. I loved everything about it..But it all most made me cry when Aeron was killed , got his head chopped off, i was like   NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!.
I was in so much shock  my eyes were filled with tears, my thoughts were that if he hadnt of fell in love with Olivia  it wouldnt have happened.....So Gena if your reading this, you need to re-write this book and write me in Olivas place, i think id be the write girl for him and he wouldnt end up gettig his head choopped
so people you really should read this book..go out now and buy now will love it..



  1. That's my fav book too.. Love Aeron and Olivia together! She's so fearless when it comes about love..

  2. yeah but id be so much better for him wouldnt i lmao

  3. Great review babes!! And another great read from Gena.

  4. yep this is def one of the best.