Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Title: Vampire Assassin
Author: Samantha Warren
Series: Jane #1
Vampire Assassin (Jane, #1)Date published: March 30th 2011 


All vampires deal with their immortality different. Jane decided to make her extra pointy teeth work in her favor. She hires herself out for a good cause, as a vampire assassin. In this 15,000 word novella (part 1 of the Jane series), she takes you with her on one of her jobs and through the intriguing tale about how she became immortal.


This is a short story about Jane a vampire Assassin and I don't mean she kill Vampires (well she probably would if the price was right), I mean she is a vampire who gets paid to kill people.
We start off getting to know Jane and a little about her work and we  read about one of her missions.
We all so learn about her love fora vampire called Steven and we look into his past and find out how he became a vampire.  Then we move on and we see Jane become a vampire.

There were some good points and bad points with this book and I'm going to pin point them for you.

1, The book was to short.
2, Some details were missing  (ex, why did Jane want to be a vampire,)
3, The name of the book ( There wasn't much about her being an assassin)

1, Well written
2, Amazing characters.
3, Good story line.

Now if your wanting a short story full of action and full of fighting and Jane killing people, then this book isn't the book for you. But if your looking for an amazing love story that's well written then go a head and try it. The chemistry between Jane and Steven is amazing and has my heart beating faster ad butterfly's in my tummy.  A really good short read. and I'm up for reading the next one.


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