Thursday, 19 January 2012


Title: Sparkles song
Author: Samantha Hale
Sparkle's SongDate published:  1st February 2012  

Review : This is a story about a little girl who was loved by her parents very much. But one day her parents went out for a drive didn't come back and she had to go live with her aunt far away from everything she new.
The girl loved music and noise so much but at her aunts house she had to live in silence.
The girl found this very hard till one day she heard some music playing and she couldn't help but following the sound. she found where the music came from and she spent the day playing.
The girl then helped her aunt deal with her grief and this helped her listen to music again.

I don't normally read and review children's books but now and again when I'm reading to my son I come across one that I want to shout out about. Because I think its important for a child to read and its hard to find one that will grab there attention. But my son loved this one and I think all of you with children should give this book a try. I think your kids will love it.


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