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Well guys its time for giveaway number 4, and this will be our final  Giveaway for the week. I know so sad, I know you guys have been enjoying them so much. So todays giveaway is going to be  REVEALD, Right guys you know the rules, you must be a follower and leave me a comment with yoyr email .



Glory was a trained thief, groomed for her whole life to steal just one thing, the heart stone. Dell was hired to steal it from her. What they both soon realize is the stone has stolen them. Its spirit rules them and their desires. These clever thieves are seduced by the master of decadence, the manipulator of wickedness and all of their innermost secrets and fantasies are Revealed



Laying her head back on the seat, she tried not to think of just how she'd grown and of how the revelation in the library had made her realize she did love this man whom she hardly knew. What's worse is, he's probably not in love with me and when this is over, he will go on with the life he had. Glory sighed heavily. 
The Buick horn blared and she shot her gaze over.
Dell was shaking a no-no finger at her.
She bit her lip to keep from smiling. Oh, I sighed really loud and he just can't stand that! A rebellious urge rose in her. Maybe he isn't in love with me, but he wants me. She fought with her better sense. I want to seduce him again? I'm pathetic. He just wants to get this all done and he's trying his best to get us out of this mess. Then, there's me—plotting ways to get him to––do me again. Just the expression do made her go wet. She grunted with frustration and sat up straighter in the seat. God Dammit, just clear this from your mind! You've had shameless sex with this man repeatedly and you still want more?
At her grunting and frustrated movements, Dell swiveled his sun glassed gaze over. A huge grin broke out on his face.
Glory pouted. Oh! He thinks my squirming is funny, does he? She lay back in the seat and released another soft sigh. Yes, the funny part was I could make him want me so easily, and then he wouldn't smile, Dammit!
At her flustered movements and further sighs, he furiously slapped the seat with an admonishing smack.
 Glory glared at him through her sun glass vision. Her blood was pumping furiously through her veins and she swore she could smell his scent. Oh, no. She licked her lips and saw him nude in her mind, his cock fully erect and she gasped.
The Buick's horn blared again.
Glory had to smile. I just can't stop. She hugged her arms around herself and leaned forward in the seat.
The car slowed down and Dell pulled it over onto a small turnout. There were large trees, where the road sat on a grassy hill.
She swallowed her trepidation with a fearful gulp, as she knew she'd messed up.
Dell shut the car off and grabbed the sketchpad.
A stinging blaze of anger burned through her. Dammit, he can control himself and I can't?
He wrote furiously on the pad.
Glory rolled her eyes and sighed again.
His scribbling halted.
Peeking over, she indeed spotted the marker, which was held just over the pad as though he halted in mid-note. No, Glory, don't. A small voice of warning echoed in her head. She stared at his fingers holding the marker and heat ran along her skin; she could feel them inside of her, pumping her while he told her, ‘This is all me; I will make you come’. She shuddered and released a moan.
He dropped the pad to the seat and sat at the steering wheel, his body visibly rigid.
She knew she’d gotten to him and part of her was sorry. But part of her wasn't. Good! He still wants me and I'm not the only weak link!


so there you have it guys, the last giveaway of the week. id like to add that this is my favourite cover so far, its so hot. now a little secret for you, tomorrow when i tell you who the winners of the weeks giveaways are there is going to be a twist, because i love you guys so much and because Bonnie ( Leanore) is such a great person. So make sure you all tune in. you know what you have to do, you have to be a follower and leave a comment with ya email :)


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  3. Great giveaway - that book sound hot!

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  12. This sounds like a great book. I have seen a couple of reviews on it in the last day or two and really want to learn more about Glory and Dell.

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  13. REVEALED looks amazing & I loved the excerpt.

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