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Well as you know, I run a giveaway for people to write a halloween story.  So here are the stories thats won, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

First Prize goes to Kiki from Madame D's Boudior, and she has won a copy of.

Sophie sat on the river bank, her feet in the cool water, her face upturned toward the pale moon. A cool breeze shifted her long dark hair from her shoulders, and it kissed her rosy cheek. Inhaling deeply she smiled at the sweet aroma of night blooms, and the Willow trees who's branches danced along the waters edge. It was beautiful here. Dream like. Closing her eyes she began to hum her favourite song. She didn't notice the sound of approaching foot steps. Or the quite whoosh of fabric meeting the grass. It wasn't until he placed a soft kiss on her shoulder that Sophie realised she was not alone.

"I knew I would find you here." Quinn whispered against her skin.

"Where else would I be, mo chroi? It's Halloween night after all."

Smiling Sophie reached behind her, threading her fingers into Quinn's hair, and pulled him in for a soft kiss. He responded in kind before moving around next to her and laying down on the freshly cut grass, placing his head in her lap. Sophie continued to run her fingers through his hair, she had been doing it for so long now that it was pure reflex. She loved the silky feel of his long pale locks. It always relaxed her in times of dispare. Taking hold of her free hand Quinn brought it to his mouth and placed a kiss to her palm, then her wrist, and her finally her knuckles.

"Why so down, love? Can I do anything to help?"

Sophie regarded him for several long minutes before smiling. The concern in his beautiful green eyes was heartening.

"No, mo chroi. I will heal in time" she replied sadly.

"I hate to see you so sad, my love. Let me make you forget for a while. Do you want to go for a swim?" he asked, his voice full of sensual promises.

"I would love to."

Grinning widely Quinn stood up, pulling Sophie with him. He drew her close and placed a kiss to her forehead, cheek, throat, and shoulder, before slipping the straps of her lavender coloured dress down her arms. He continued to kiss a trail across her chest as her dress fell away exposing her generous breasts and rosy nipples. Nipples which hardened against his chest. Running his hands down her sides Quinn pushed the dress off her hips, and watched it fall to the ground. Taking Sophie's hand he helped her step out of it before pulling her back into his arms for a scorching kiss. Laughing she placed her hands on his chest and pushed him back.

"Your turn, mo chroi. Clothes off. Now."

Raising an eyebrow Quinn smirked at his lover before quickly pulling his shirt off, opening his trousers, and tossing them aside. Sophie laughed as she turned and ran towards the river. He gave chase, but before he could catch her she had jumped head first into the cool water. When she emerged again her hair was slicked down her back, and her skin sparkled as if she was made of the rarest gem. Hell, but she was glorious. Standing on the bank, gloriously naked, he watched her swim for a while. Admiring the way she moved, and envying the way the water caressed her skin. He should be caressing her, causing that sensual tilt to her lips. Diving in Quinn swam up next to her, grasping her hips and pulling her towards him.

"I thought we were going to swim?" Sophie giggled as he kissed the side of her neck.

"Mmm... we are swimming."

Smiling she wrapped her legs around his waist, locking them together and drawing him closer. Sophie moaned when his hot cock rubbed against her core, and hardened with each movement he made. Leaning forward she fisted his hair and kissed him hard, letting all her passion spill into it. She ran her tongue along his bottom lip and Quinn opened up giving her access to his mouth. Deepening the kiss their tongues duelled, their teeth clashed, and they swallowed each others moans of pleasure. Quinn massaged Sophie's ass and thrust against her core making her body burn. She couldn't resist thrusting back, and sighed out loud at the sweet friction.

"I have missed you, mo chroi. I want you inside me. Now" she pleaded.

Groaning Quinn took hold of his cock and placed it at her slick opening, in one swift movement he seated himself inside her to the hilt. He stretched her just the way she needed, the way she loved. Sophie threw her head back, savouring the feel of her man, and exposing her breasts to him. He leaned in and took one of her aching nipples into his mouth before pulling his cock out almost completely and thrusting back in again. Sophie moaned, and tightened her hold on his hair, holding his mouth to her. He thrust again, and she moaned again.

"I love the sound of your pleasure" he whispered against her nipple, before thrusting once more. "But I love to feel you come even more."

Spreading her legs further Quinn started a punishing rhythm, taking Sophie hard and fast. Just the way he knew she liked it. Lifting his head he looked at her beautiful face, savouring the desire filled expression there. She was so wanton, and his. Planting his feet into the mushy floor of the riverbed he quickened his pace, his heart rate sped up and his body burned. He loved how she could do that to him. Make him want no-one but her. Sophie lifted her head to look at him, her silver-grey eyes sparkling with her desire. She reached up and cupped his face, kissed him softly, and then lay her forehead against his. Panting she tightened her hold on him. She was close, he could tell.

"Mmm... I'm close, mo chroi."

"I know, my love. Just let it wash over you. Don't fight it."

And with that she came. Her muscles clenched around his cock, milking it. Bringing on his own release. He groaned into her throat as he spilled is seed inside her. Quinn's body trembled, his head was light. Loosening his hold on Sophie he smiled down at her.

"Let's go back to shore before I drown" he laughed.

Climbing back up onto the river bank Sophie crawled over to the blanket Quinn had laid out, and collapsed. She faux purred when he lay down next to her and wrapped her in his strong arms. Rolling on to her back she smiled as the warm evening breeze warmed her face. Closing her eyes she released a quiet sigh when she felt something tickle the inside of her left thigh. The touch was feather light and made her shiver. Opening her eyes her smile widened when she noticed the purple Lavender in Quinn's hand. He used the flower to caress her skin, leaving goose-bumps in its wake. Sophie closed her eyes again and enjoyed the sensation of it all as he trailed the Lavender up her body. When he ran it down the length of her nose and across her lips she savoured the sweet smell. Opening her eyes once more she watched as Quinn snapped the stem from the flower and then reached over to place it behind her ear.

"Beautiful" he said before kissing her.

Sophie placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed him down onto the blanket. Straddling his waist she kissed him with so much passion that she was left light headed, her body still burning from her release. Quinn's teeth nipped at her lips, his tongue pushing its way inside her mouth. Their kiss became desperate. Sophie moaned as he crushed her with his hard muscled body.

"Hell, I've missed you. I ache at the thought of you. I hate what I did to us. Can you ever forgive me, my love?" he murmed against her swollen lips.

"Of course, mo chroi. I love you."

Quinn looked down at his woman, her need for him etched on her delicate features. They were going to take it slow this time, she would forever remember this night and think of him. Using his index finger he smoothed out her frown before gathering her close. Parting her glorious thighs Quinn entered the woman he loved and started a slow rhythm, one which once again had his flesh burning. Sophie started pressing soft kisses to his face, throat and chest while whispering sweet words against his skin. Tilting her chin upwards he crushed his mouth to hers. He then moved up on to his knees to deepening the penetration. He clutched at her hips and wrapped his arms around her back, anchoring her to meet his every thrust. She mewled quietly as he continued his shallow thrusts. The mewling turned to a moan, and then a cry when she came once again. The feel of her hot, wet walls clamping around his straining cock had Quinn's own release rush upon him. Panting he fell back onto his back and then he pulled Sophie over to lie across his chest, twinning his fingers through her damp hair as he done so.

"That was perfect, as usual" she said as she snuggled closer into his side.

"That it was, my love" he replied before placing a chaste kiss to her lavender scented head, and drifting into a dreamless sleep.

When he woke the sun was rising on a new day, it's rays warming his face. Quinn reached blindly for Sophie, but she was nowhere to be found. His heart ached in his chest. His world darkening once more. Sighing Quinn gathered his clothes, stood, and walked to the old Willow by the river. He knelt by the base of the tree and lovingly caressed the marble stone embedded into the soil. It had been three years since the accident, three years since his life was torn apart.

Halloween was Sophie's favorite festival, she loved to dress up and enjoy the celebrations. He remembers the costume she wore that night. She was a Goddess dressed in a purple gown with lavender in her hair. They danced, kissed, and drank the night away. And when it was time to leave Quinn had insisted on driving them home. Sophie refused, but he wouldn't let her leave his side. He pulled her into the car and in order to avoid the highway he steered the vehicle up the country lane. That's when everything went wrong. Quinn doesn't remember how it happen, he only recalls the whisper soft caress of the Willow leaves as they stroked his swollen cheek afterwards.
Releasing a wounded cry Quinn doubled over, clutching his aching chest. He loved Sophie more than anything else in the world, and beacuse of his stupidity, his carelessness, his love was gone. He was alone, with nothing but his memories.

Second Prize goes to Darkfallen  and Greta from Paranormal Wastelands went in together on there story  and they have won a  prize each.  Greta has won a copy of

Blood and Light (The Blood and Light Vampire Series, #1)

And Darkfallen has won a copy of

Intertwined (Intertwined, #1)

It was a dark and stormy night at the bar. Tim Buck Tooth was the most happening place for most awesome bloggers. Well, all the cool ones that is. There was that girl who wrote about leather men over there. And that dude that ranted about politics over there. And that blogger that we're never quite sure is a guy or a chick that writes about fuzzy kittens over by the juke box. Because all cool bars have juke boxes. Unfortunately the fuzzy kitten lover has horrible taste in music. Darkfallen rolls her eyes at the twangy voice resonating from the speakers. Of course, her version of music would probably lead to some very frightened bloggers…or a mosh pit!
And then....
There was Darkfallen and Greta. Their heads together, whispering back and forth, looking around and pointing immaturely at everyone's costume. Their beer guts hanging over their utility belts. The kitty cat tails safety pinned to their panties.
The bar was strung with orange and black lights, carved out pumpkins with scary frankenfurters and ice cream sandwiches (cuz damn it... those things are frightening! ) sticking out, and candy corn in the pretzel bowls (which kinda ticked Greta off because she hates that stuff).
The night couldn't get any more awesome. Just the fact that Greta graced the bar with her presence should have made it the most awesome night ever.
Darkfallen: WHAT the HELL?!!!! Damn it Greta!! What are you doing?
Greta: Telling a most awesome story for Satin Sue's contest.
Darkfallen: Uhh... no you're not... you're being narcissistic and kinda lame.
Greta: Define lame....
*Darkfallen grabs dictionary and flips to the "L" section*
Darkfallen: Lame: Anything that comes out of Greta's mouth. LOOK! It even has your picture.
Greta: Damn it! I told Webster not to use that photo!! So, you think you can do better?
Darkfallen: Ummm... DUHS!!
It wasn't dark or stormy but a quite a pleasant night at the Paranormal Wastelands mansion.
Darkfallen: SHHH
The trick or treaters were in full form. Going from house to house, gathering candy like little monster pirates.
Greta: I'm hungry.
Darkfallen: Damn it! Shush!! I didn't interrupt you.
Greta: Yeah you did.
Darkfallen: SHhhh!!
When all of the sudden the sound of a chainsaw lingered in the air.
Down in the basement, Dr. Darkfallen was hard at work on her latest creation. She was going to get this right. A real live man!! For a real live sexy doctor.
GRETA: What? Are you kidding me?!!! What do chainsaws have to do with this?
Darkfallen: Let me finish.
Greta: Well, make it scary!
The man was in bits. His parts all strung over all over the place. The chainsaw tore into this one and that. Taking from one corpse and another. She tirelessly stitched them together. Making her perfect "FRANK" become reality. Although little did Greta know that “Frank” wasn’t his name. She wanted to give Greta the most awesome present ever, and since Greta loves Halloween more than Christmas it had to be done tonight! You see if Darkfallen didn’t find Greta her mate soon she was afraid that Greta would resort to humping her leg, or worse…their neighbor. Considering he was a 100 year old rotting zombie this wouldn’t do. So she worked and she slaved. The vibrations of the chainsaw buzzed up her arms sending chills down her along her spine. A few stitches here, a few fangs there, and she would have not a real live man, but a werewolf named Lachlan.
A bolt of lightning, a twitch of his leg. His fangs elongated from his black gums. A growl erupted through the floor boards.
“What was that sounds?!” Greta yelled down the stairs.
“Hold on my pet, I’m almost there.” Came the reply although it sounded more like Darkfallen was talking to someone else. Covering the basement window to block the full moons glow, she waited. The growl became a grunt of pain. Gums of black now pink. Fangs almost gone. As his body rippled and shifted into the sexy beast of a man she created. She couldn’t be happier. She did it! She finally made Greta the werewolf she always wanted.
Staring in awe, and a little lust, at her creation she noticed something. There was one part missing. One part she forgot to prepare. How could she forget?!!
In the spot where it should have been there was nothing. A ken doll mold because she forgot... Da da daaaaaaaa HIS HALLOWEINIE!!
Greta: AHHHHHHHHHH!!! The horror!!
Darkfallen: Oh wells. There’s always Bowen next year;)
Paranormal Wastelands


So there you have it. our winners everyone. your books should be with you very shortly ladies :)


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