Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Well on facebook the other day I asked for some brave people to answer 10 Random Questions. I was so shocked at how many people wanted to put there life in my hands and answer what ever I asked them. Now I made sure they understood that I could ask anything that popped into my head lol. so here we have my next brave person to answer a set of my random questions.

So today the brave person dealing with my randomness is Teric Darken and here is telling us about about himself before I ask him his questions.

Hi, Susie,

Im Teric Darken, and I predominantly script supernatural thrillers .My works include: KILL FM 100, U -TURN KiLuR AND Wickflicker. I am a firefighter by profession, a substitute teacher , and i enjoy riding my Harley Davidson motorcycle when I have time.

Looking forward to the questions.


So now its time for Teric to take the plunge and answer my questions. :))

1) What was the funniest incident that happened in your college life?

Probably when i attempted to kick a friend off of a bicycle ( some friend, huh?). when I kicked out, I missed the bike and my foot went through the spokes. I wound up with a hole in my shoe and sock, and I had a toe sticking straight up out of the shoe.There was blood and my foot was numb.I thought I'd chopped all my toes off. My friends loaded me up into a car and rushed me to the ER.I held the hand of  a Petty blond nurse while my shoe was taken off -I was fearing the worst.When my shoe and sock were taken off of my foot, the nurse just looked at me as I was squeezing her hand. I asked  her,"How bad is it?" she replied, " oh I think you'll make it" one band-aid and an ER bill later, I was off to a concert that night.My big toe had a little cut on it; my other toes were simply squeezed tightly from the spokes.
One  other incident that comes to mind was when this hot babe I had a crush on came to visit me unannounced at  my room. she was the kind of girl that made me stutter,and it was her first visit. I was all smiles, really trying to turn on the charm. We talked for a bit before she went on her merry way. shortly thereafter, I checked my self out in the mirror attached to my dorm room closet, thinking that went well and that went well and that i was a studmuffin.  I smiled at my self in the mirror then thought " What the ...?"I looked closer at my self, still shining my pearly white, only to discover that I had a piece of black olive stuck right between my two front teeth from a pizza I had eaten earlier. It was horrendous, and my ego was crushed. Never did have a date with that girl.

2) Lol Teric you are so funny.Now If you were a god what would you do to the world?

Whew! Tough one! I think I'll leave this one to the man upstairs. In my present, humble state though, I would wish that no one was hungry or thirsty, and that people would genuinely love one another: No more wars or acts of terrorism.No more racial prejudice or child slave trading..... you get the idea. It would also be nice if people such as: teachers,policemen,soldiers and firefighters were paid what their job merits. seems weird to me that those who shoot hoops, hit a ball, or wear helmits and shoulder pads for a living are all paid big bucks.


3) I have to say I agree 100% with you on that, Right if I look inside  your frigerator what would I find?.

Mostly emptiness and a few old condiments. want some soy sauce?.

4) If you are alone in a desert what are your thoughts?  specifically what will be your first thought?.
My first thought: "I said I want my just desserts, not just deserts! "seriously,I would probably say,"God,I need a miracle. Get me outta here!"

5) Do you speak to your dog/cat?

Sometimes. They mostly to me: "Feed me, you idiot" "Hey, bozo, lemme out,I gotta go to the bathroom!"

6) That kind of sounds like what my dog would say lol. How would you react if you are transformed into a cow?

My gut reaction: "Holy Cow!"

7) Lol nice answer. Have you ever picked your nose and eat it?

Only if a whip is available in that empty fridge of mine. More soy sauce?.

8) Ewwwwwww no soy sauce for me thanks lol. Now what was the cheapest date you have ever been on?.

Not sure. But I did take this one girl to the movies in high school. Now, typically, girls dont really eat all that much on first dates, at least from my personal experiences.We walked up to the counter, an I asked, "Would you like anything?"To which she replies, "Sure, I'll have the Large coke, the jumbo popcorn, and a box of junior mints." This was in the late eighties. The server placed her order atop the counter and asked me, "can I get you anything?" To which I replied," Um, I'll just have a water." I think the total was like thirty bucks or something... Very tragic for a high schooler with a menial job.

9) Remind me never to go on a date with you lol. What is your worst habit?.

My worst habit ...I tend to worry.

10)  I must say I'm the same as you Teric

Yes. Back in the late seventies, when I was in third grade, two other friends and I began stealing cigarette packs from our parents' cartons.We had a club, y'know! Onne day , one of those friends and I began to make a break from my house to have a "smoke" My mom caught me with something in my hand which was a book of matches. She asked me what I had in my hand. We were on the stairwell leading down into the basement, so I quickly tossed the pack of cigs to the basement floor (thankfully my friend retrieved them) then went up to meet my mom. she again asked what I  had in my hand and what I was up to. I produced the matches and told her, "Matched to burn the bugs," referring to these "blister beetles" we had at the time near our house. Of course , it didn't bide ell for me that she'd already told me not to play with matches and to leave the bugs alone. I wound up grounded for the rest of the day. I lied sorry, mom.

Hehehehehe you bad boy , Teric iv had so much fun chatting to you, I loved the fact that you answered my questions very truthfully. I hope you will come back to my blog  sometime soon. :)

There you go people, the first 3 to answer my random questions, now just because iv been easy on these 3 don't think ill be going easy on you. So who will be the next 3 to take part in my random questions challenge. Mhuhahahahaha.


  1. Too funny! I can't believe you asked #7...I spewed Pepsi. Teric, I loved how brutally honest you were, you brave man, you. To admit to the black olive fiasco took balls of steel. Well done.

  2. LOL! Yes, indeed, Blue Shedevil, the "Black Olive Fiasco" scarred my psyche for years! That's why I seldom smile anymore!

  3. P.S. Just so I don't get in trouble here, the nurse I spoke about above wasn't a "petty" nurse, she was a "pretty" blond nurse!

    And about picking my nose and that "whip" in my fridge... my answer was: "only if there is Miracle Whip in the fridge.

    I don't want anyone getting the wrong impression here! LOL!

    And my last answer about the cigs was in regard to the question: "Have you ever lied?"

    I had fun with the questions. Thanks for sending them my way, Susie!

  4. sorry if i made mistakes, it hard copying everything out lol. but i had so much fun with this. might have to think of some harder questions for you. lol

  5. LOL! No problem, Sue! I just didn't want to get into "trouble" over the "Petty" nurse... didn't want any offended nurses hunting me down with long needles! Or worse yet, pulling any whips out of the fridge! LOL!

    The questions were fun; thanks again for having me! :)

  6. you ave to addmit that makes it even funnier lol. :)

    you very welcome Teric.