Friday, 15 July 2011


Hey guys,  I'm here to tell you about my big new event and its because you guys got me up to 200 followers. For that I thank you, iv been talking to an author called Bonnie Elliott  (Leanore Elliott), and she  is going to be taking the time  to come and talk to you, she  has all so said she is going to be giving you guys  4 of her new books. So here's how its going to be going.


FRIDAY -  We will meet and get to know Bonnie (Leanore)
SATURDAY- Bonnie will be doing a special blog post for you guys.
SUNDAY- We will be having an interview with Bonnie (Leanore)
MONDAY - FRIDAY-  We will be having a giveaway for each of her books.
SAT- We will be finding out who  the winners are.



Leanore started writing at age eight. She waited 30 years to be an author. In 2010, she penned 10 novels. 9 were contracted and released within a years time. So far in 2011, she has written four more. Writing is like breathing, she says. "A necessary obsession." Married for a long time to her true love, she's blessed with a huge family and many joys



The Beholder: Trace is a hit woman on her last job. When she focused her scope on the target, her whole body grew rigid. This target was too yummy to kill. At just that moment, target number fifty spots her and turns the whole game around. But what kind of game is he playing?

Realm Of Fire: Belle was a woman firefighter and part of the elite team of Hotshots. Her lifelong dreams of fighting fire had come true. Then, the nightmares came. A voice calls her through the smoke and she finds that it's a fellow crew member Saxon. She suddenly finds herself in the Realm, and when sexy Saxon grabs her up, will she begin to really burn?

 Nowhere, Arizona: Madeline is a top executive in LA. On a quest to complete her mother's dying request, she finds herself in Nowhere, Arizona. She meets Devon and her life is turned inside out, as he sets out to seduce her in every way possible. She finds that nothing means everything, when he becomes her Sunset Warrior.

Revealed: Glory was a trained thief, groomed for her whole life to steal just one thing, the heart stone. Dell was hired to steal it from her. What they both soon realize is the stone has stolen them. Its spirit rules them and their desires. These clever thieves are seduced by the master of decadence, the manipulator of wickedness and all of their innermost secrets and fantasies are Revealed.


So there you have it guys, A little about the Author and the books, now follow the  timetable that is wrote at the top of the page , that way you wont miss anything.


  1. Congratulations on 200 followers, Susie! Looks like it's going to be a great party :)

  2. WTG!!! 200! I'm so glad for you! Oh my those books sounds great and the cover r fab!


  3. thanks ladies. keep popping back iv got more planned

  4. Congrats on the 200! Your post was absolutely fabulous, I love reading about new authors.

  5. Susie out did herself! I knew she'd love the purple lips! LOL That chick loves lips.
    These books are gaining fame and they were all pro edited with smooth stories and 'tight' writing. Thanks so much for the Spotlight and wow, you grabbed up followers quickly!

  6. Susie,
    wonderful to see Leanore Elliott spotlighted on your site. She's a terrific writer and a really fun gal. And her covers sizzle!

  7. 200!!! That's great chic!

    These books sound good!

  8. I will definitely be stopping in to read each feature. Leanore is an amazing author and wonderful person. This promises to be a fun week! :)

    Paranormal Author E.J. Stevens
    From the Shadows

  9. Congratulations. It all sounds fabulous!!


  10. Susie - Congrats on your blog following. I LOVE those colorful lips at the top {they're very pretty and eye-popping}! I love the lavendar lips as well.

    Bonnie Lea/Leanore -
    I love all of your book covers. I've read all of these books, and they're fabulous! What a unique writing voice you have! I can't wait to read many more!

    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

  11. Hi Bonnie Lea
    *waving at you*
    You know I love your books.
    I'll be sure to stop by this blog and at least "say hi" during your interviews.

    Daniela. :)

  12. i wanna say thanks to everyone for sopping by :)

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  14. Huggles, Leanore. Love you gal and I loooooved Beasts of Forever! I have Nowhere Arizona in my Nook TBR pile. BTW, how "huge" is your family? This is something I never heard about you. Glad you got serious about writing, because the world wouldn't be nearly as happy or bright without your noveles in it.

    Congrats on the 200 followers!


  15. Sounds like a lot of fun! All the best on 200!
    Loved the blurbs--they sound hot!

  16. Love the blog! It's awesome!!! I am now a follower.
    @Leanore-Woo-Hoo to you! I didn't realize you started writing at such a young age! Getting so many contracted in such a short time shows what an awesome author you truly are.

  17. Thanks so much for all the comments everyone. I am humbled by them. This has been a memorable visit here at Satins' Corner! What she did here for me, was More than Wicked Awesome!