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OK guys today i'm  handing my blog over to Bonnie  (Leanore), she is going to be doing a special Blog spot for you guys, so  i hope you all enjoy what she has  Planned... :)



The Four Elements of S-E-X-Y
By Leanore Elliott

There are different forms of what we think may be sexy or may feel sexy. I admit here, right up front that I'm preoccupied with sex or what may be sexy, lol––because that's all I that read and write about: Hot, sexy tales. As a reader, I want the sexy scenes to make me squirm and hold my breath.
 I feel that a bit of strain between the characters that simmers for a while, sets up for the sexy part. The man has to be strong but not too ego driven. Next, the girl has to be independent and strong willed.
When I write, I also like putting these powerful people into difficult situations, where they have to––have it out. There can be yelling, struggling and even have a little physical fight. BUT…they have end up at each other's mercy. (wink-wink)
There are four elements I must see in a story for it to be interesting enough for me to even write, let alone read. I think of this as being engineered with the same formula that is essential to all life on earth.
 The Earth Element: Conflict, strain and adversity. Sometimes a bad guy, a curse, situation or a force will fill this element. Surprise or the unexpected can also play here.
The Water Element: A flow of feelings beneath the words, like a river of rippling emotions and the love scenes must involve some form of H20.(wink)
The Air Element: A cosmic twist of something surreal, like the character is not really human; he or she is molded by or from beyond the norm. Maybe, they are both thrown into a surreal situation and that would be the paranormal twist.
 The Fire Element: Is the chemistry between the characters and even with the sub characters. This actually parlays with all the other elements. But you'd better be careful while using this, as I've actually burned up keyboards with this particular element. (giggle)
Out of the 14 novels that I have written: I have a favorite erotic-paranormal scene and whenever I read it? I know it's 'Way Sexy' and involves all the elements.
(Beasts of Forever)
 To help the woman he loves, our hero has had his memory wiped. Our willful girl sets out to win him back by slipping into his new life. Only in this new life, he doesn't remember her at all and he also doesn't want her around. Yet, he feels inexplicably drawn to her and this makes him angry. Circumstances force him to accept her in the situation. She's almost smug and secretly happy about this. He plots to scare her away, and then he gets carried away, while our girl never See's what's coming.
This way sexy excerpt and more of my books can be found at this link:


So there you have it guys, I hope you  enjoyed this, tomorrow  I will be  finding out more about Bonnie ( Leanore)  in one of my  interviews i know you guys love so much. so don't forget to stop by :) 


  1. I love the way you think of the different factors of a novel as elements.

  2. Hi Bonnie Lea
    I Really liked the way you defined the 4 SEXY elements.

    Daniela. :)

  3. "The man has to be strong but not too ego driven. Next, the girl has to be independent and strong willed." I completely agree, this can make for some very fun to read chemistry. :)

    Thank you for this feature!

    Paranormal Author E.J. Stevens
    From the Shadows

  4. Thanks for giving us those sexy elemental ingredients Bonnie! Loved your blog post :-)

    ~ Melanie Nowak
    (Author of the Venomous Vampire series ALMOST HUMAN)

  5. Fescinating approach to story building, Leanore. Now you have me wanting to read and disect your books to sse how the four elements play out. Nice going!