Saturday, 26 January 2013


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Morning all, im here this morning to give a shout out to all my favorite bloggers and authors. It gives us a chance to see what others are up to and all so makes sure we dont miss anything lol.  if any of my followers/bloggers/authors would like a shout out at any point then please let me know.

Riverina Romantics

Today im giving a shout out to my girls over at Riverina Romantics, This is an amazing blog  and has a number of things going on and they have some amazing giveaways.  the ladys at this blog are very friendly and are great fun to talk to. so I think you should go and see what this blog is all about. 

The Author im shouting out to is the amazing Rue Volley. here is what she has to say about her new books. 

 My newest releases have been a series called Double Gun Dealer, and I love them. It is based on Demon Hunter's and each short is the backstory on each Demon Hunter connected in the main arc. It is a conceptual idea I had to make a series that ran like a circle and brings you back to book one:) It also gave me the opportunity to write in male POV which I had not done before but loved it. Books one and two are out now on amazon and books 3-6 are coming. #3 "LIN" will be out Feb 1st, book #4 "LONDON" will be out Feb 8th and I am currently finishing up book #5 "IZZY" and then #6 "SAIGON" will round it out. My agent witll be shopping this series to anime companies this summer to see if anyone would be interested in bringing it to life. I have a deep love for anime and it would be a dream come true to see this series take the next step and become viual. Everyone who has read them so far as become addicted and that alone made it worth writing regardless of where the series heads too. This series is MALVS 18+

for more info on the books click the links below. 


If anyone would like a shout out in Satins shout outs then please just let me know what  you would like everyone to know and id be more then happy to let my followers know. xxx

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