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Title: Dancing into the Fog   (A Alzheimer’s Story)
Author: Robert Ruisi & Joel Ross, MD

DDancing into the Fog
Date Published: 14th November 2012

Description: This is a story about someone with the oncoming of the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. The back pages provide useful information presented by Joel Ross, MD one of the leaders in the field.

Review:  In this book we meet Tom. he is a man who worked his way up from nothing. built his own business from scratch and watched it grow. he lost his dad to Cancer and his mum to Alzheimer's. all in all it was a very rough time for him.

When off on a business trip, Tom starts to feel unwell but being the man he is he forgets all about it and gets on with the task ahead of him.

the pain and feeling of being unwell kept on getting worse over the oncoming months and Tom starts to feel really tiered and that he cant cope any more. and decides to bring people in to help run his business but this seems to just bring him more trouble and makes things even harder to cope with.

Tom turns to his wife for support but doesn't get the help or sympathy he needs and he ends up having to go to the doctors to find out what is wrong with him.The doctor tells tom he is in the early stages of Alzheimer's and Toms world comes crashing down around him.

Over all view: This was a very moving book. Toms struggle really pulled at my heart strings. he didn't really have anyone he could turn to and his wife just really made me mad. all she seems to be after is his money. Poor Tom.], I hope people who suffer from this illness in real life have better help and support then her.  I think this book gives you a really good look at what life is like for some people who suffer from Alzheimer's and what there day to day lives's can be like. I think this book was very well written and I like the fact that the authors have got together and gave us some facts at the end of the book to help us everyday people recognise the signs for Alzheimer's.



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