Tuesday, 14 April 2015


As you can see iv been reading a lot of  of the same series at the moment, Its a series iv really been getting into and im getting to love the characters and story line. So today im going to share a little teaser with you,so you can get a little look at what iv been getting into. 

“We don’t want that,” Ethan agreed. He handed his book to me, our fingers grazing as he passed it over.
My blood warmed instantly, my cheeks flushing at the intensity of his emerald gaze. Ethan and I had been officially a couple for only a few weeks, and the honeymoon period wasn’t over. I may have been fierce with a katana—the samurai sword that vampires, including myself, carried for protection—but my heart still fluttered when he looked at me.
But we had many books to get through, so I pulled away and placed this one into the old-fashioned, brass-hinged steamer trunk on the floor.
“Work now, play later,” I reminded him.
“I find mixing business with pleasure makes both more interesting.”
“I find I’d rather spend my off-hours not packing away dusty books.”
“Being a vampire isn’t always about getting what you want, Sentinel. Although I’ll concede I can imagine more enjoyable ways of spending our time.” Sentinel was my title, a kind of House protector. Ethan used it when he was aggravated with me, or when he was trying to make a point.
“Then you probably shouldn’t have irritated the GP so much they kicked you out.”
He gave me a flat look. “They didn’t kick us out.”
“I know. We voted to break up with them before they could break up with us.”
This time his flat look was accompanied by an arched eyebrow, Ethan’s signature move. Much like everything else, he wore the expression very well.
“Are you purposely riling me up?” he asked.

Thats my teaser this week, let me know what you think. 


  1. OOoh nice tease! Love this series so much!

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  2. i love it also. as you can see iv not stopped reading it lol. xx