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During the month of October, I'm running a breast cancer awareness event, 'Shades of Pink'. Every week, I give away paperbacks and pink ribbon themed beaded book thongs and encourage my readers to donate a few dollars to research if they wish to do so.

This week, I'm giving away a paperback of Tales From The Edge, which features the owners of On The Edge.

On The Edge is a dancing club where humans curious about vampires and vampires interested in meeting - and feeding from - humans. Sometimes, they do more than share a few moments on the dance floor and a drink…

Here are 5 kisses, featuring 5 different couples but all set in the club…


Forever Starts Now - Claire and Matthew

Taking her hand as he had earlier, he arched an eyebrow at her, making a silent suggestion that he hoped she would refuse. Her smile brightened just a little when she nodded her assent.

He pulled her toward the staircase, then freed his hand from hers to place it at the small of her back instead. It allowed him to guide her just as well, but the touch felt more intimate, and indeed she shivered when he first laid his hand just above the curve of her ass.

Up the stairs they went, stopping on the first landing for no other reason than Matthew’s weakness. If he had to give her up like he had given up another woman so much like her before, he would at least taste her lips once.

He did so like a man dying of thirst, trapping her between the wall and his body and plundering her mouth with a desperate intensity. The flavor of wine was strong on her tongue as it slid against his own, and he told himself that was the reason why she was taking such risks, trusting a vampire with her mouth, her body, and even if she didn’t seem aware of it, her very life.

He broke off the kiss with a feeling of guilt that annoyed and angered him. A little more harshly than he meant to, he grabbed her hand again and walked up two more flights of stairs, reaching the last landing before the first floor. Again, he pushed her against the wall. She threw her arms around his neck, pulling him closer even as she closed her eyes and licked her lips.

Matthew growled and dove for her neck instead of her mouth.


Dare I? - Anna and Chase

“I don’t think you’d hurt me,” she said at last. “I’m good at reading people, and I don’t get a sense of danger coming from you. Not any more than from what you are, that is.”

“What I am?” He picked up the glass in front of him, but took no more than a small sip before putting it down again. “I’m curious, now. How do you know what I am? I thought I was being discreet, but obviously I must be doing something to give myself away.”

Smiling, Anna slid closer to him, dropping her voice to a whisper. “I knew from the instant you stepped down that staircase. The way you moved, the way you looked around you… I just knew you were the one I came here to see.”

A last sip of her drink strengthened her will and courage. She usually wasn’t one to make the first step or to be too forward, but she was feeling something for the man in front of her. Something she couldn’t explain, a connection she had only felt before after weeks of dating someone.

Remembering her resolve to be daring, she closed what little space was left between them, pressing her thigh to his, turning her body so that she could clasp his hand on the table, and slowly, so very slowly, leaned in until she met his lips.

He went very still against her at first, as though frozen, but soon he seemed to relax. Their lips parted at the same instant and Anna’s tongue darted forward tentatively, meeting his to discover the sweet taste of his drink. He stroked back gently, more hesitantly than she would have expected, but it made for such a sweet, tender first kiss that she couldn’t wish for anything else.


Forget Ever After - Lena and Liam

Lena moved first. Her free hand rose toward Liam’s face and cupped his cheek, drawing him toward her as she leaned forward. His lips were cool, but as soft as they had been in her dreams and memories, and everything disappeared from her world until only she and Liam remained.

His hands dropped to her waist, and he pulled her to sit on his lap, his gesture as tender and careful as he had ever been, but containing a restrained strength that changed it—and him—at the same time. Lena noticed, she couldn’t not have noticed, and realized that the man holding her in his arms was different from the one she had once been weeks away from marrying. But she didn’t care, or didn’t want to care. All that mattered for now was being with him.

Intent on rediscovering him, she kept her lips light on his, brushing against them, drawing back then forward again, each touch bringing back a memory. He seemed content to let her do as she pleased for a little while; but after a moment, his hands tightened briefly at her waist, and in the same instant, he deepened the kiss, his tongue all but requesting passage past her lips. She complied with a quiet sound at the back of her throat that he soothed by gently stroking along the edges of the tulle wings.

At first, all she felt was pure tactile memories. She wasn’t in a club anymore. She was on the top row of the empty bleachers, the game long over and the warmth of Liam’s mouth and hands on hers even greater than that of the sun, high above them. She was in the park two blocks from campus, the leftovers from a picnic and study session forgotten for a moment to enjoy a much-needed mental break and cuddle. She was in that small apartment they had shared for almost two years, a new ring on her finger, a stunned ‘yes’ still echoing in the room even as she and Liam shared their first kiss as an engaged couple. She experienced their three and a half years of love in a single kiss.


Over The Edge - Brett and Leo

Brett stifled a smile. “What else did you expect?”

“I don’t know. You firing me. Or kicking me out.”

Not batting an eye, Brett stood and moved around the desk again. He thrust his hand toward Leo, who took it warily. “It’s a deal,” Brett said as they shook hands, and he wasn’t joking. “If you ever lie to me, I’ll do both.”

He didn’t want to do either, not after the previous night, but lying to the cops was stupid. If someone else claimed they had seen Lisa outside after three thirty, the detectives would be back, and they wouldn’t be so pleasant.

Still sitting, Leo tried to smile. The end result was a strange cross between a smirk and a grimace. “I’ll try to remember that,” he said. “Try to learn.”

Brett nodded. Then, without warning, he stepped forward and threw a leg over Leo’s thighs. It felt a little awkward, at first, to sit down on his lap like this after he had all but threatened him, but Brett shoved the uneasiness away and pressed forward, resting his hands on Leo’s shoulders. He kissed him hard, putting his anger, disappointment and fear in the kiss. Leo yielded to him, pliant and almost passive, the complete opposite of his attitude the previous night. Finding no resistance, Brett’s feelings eroded. They changed into hope even as his kiss softened, and he invited Leo’s tongue to play along rather than be dominated. 

When Brett drew back, his cock was hard and aching—and so was Leo’s, right against his. Leo’s eyes were shining, and there was no grimace left in his smile, only pure pleasure.

“I think I’m not the only one who’s learning.”


Out of the Box 7 - Virginia and Anando

“You did very well, Virginia. I think it’s time for a reward.”

He closed the sheer curtains, giving us a semblance of privacy, and drew me even closer to him. I thought he would pull me onto his lap, thought we would reenact one of our past games, but instead he merely turned toward me and kissed me. I had been waiting for this for hours, it seemed, and I melted into the soft press of his lips and tongue. His hand skimmed along the lacy edge of the stockings, as it had earlier, sending electricity through me. With my dress not fully in place and my panties in Leo’s possession, it didn’t take long before his hand adventured further between my legs. Without truly being conscious of what I was doing, I tried to part them, and my dress slipped a little higher, giving him better access.

I moaned into his mouth when his index finger traced my wetness, then a second time when it pushed in, oh so very slowly, and came out soaked in my own arousal, only to circle my clit. Lost in the sensations, I stopped responding to his kiss and closed my eyes, accepting the too-light touches of his tongue and finger, and wishing—almost praying—for more. I started shaking. I was so close on the edge of pleasure, it was almost like a physical pain to be denied that extra touch that would bring me to my orgasm. All of a sudden, both his lips and finger left me. Panting, I opened my eyes and tried my best to plead without saying a word.

“Do you want to come?” he said, his lips so close to my jaw that I felt his words as well as heard them.

“Yes, Anando.” Desperation crept up in my voice. “Please.”

“Give me your neck, then.”


I hope you enjoyed these glimpses into my stories. I'd be delighted if you came by and check out my event. And thank you Sue for opening your blog to me :)


  1. I have read all of the above. :). Such great stories!

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