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Well I know its been a while since I last posted but I had to stop by and celebrate halloween with all my sexy followers,  I have to say I love this Holiday because people let there crazy side out. Right im going to do a big giveaway. Iv been given 2 amazing books to give you guys but before I let you into the what the books are below is a short horror/halloween story for you written by 
John McDonnell .
You know how you get a thought that you can't get out of your head? Your mind is stuck on it, like a song that

plays over and over.

That's what was happening to him.

He couldn't stop thinking this one thought.

It wasn't supposed to be this way. He was engaged to be married, hadn't looked at another woman in so long. His

fiancée was out of town -- what was her name again? No matter, it was Maya he wanted to think about.

He'd gone to the party with some friends. From the moment he walked in the door and saw Maya, the auburn hair,

the green eyes, the way she laughed at everything -- he felt something change.

She told him she liked guys who took chances. "You look like somebody who takes chances," she said.

He smiled at that because it was so wrong. He was not a risk taker. He was an actuary, and he spent his days

calculating risks for an insurance company. In his personal life he liked sure things. He had his life all planned out,

even to how many children he'd have and where he'd spend his retirement thirty years from now. It was satisfying to

plan that way.

"I never plan," she said. "Too boring. I want every moment to be different."

They talked for hours, and everything around them fell away. He was not aware of anyone else, of other

conversations, of the time passing. Before long they were walking outside, where he kissed her under a willow tree in

the moonlight. He knew he'd had too much to drink, but he couldn't resist. Just this once, he thought. Just this once I'll

be crazy, wild, throw caution to the wind. Her kisses were electric, unlike anything he'd ever experienced. He felt

himself letting go.

"I have a great idea," she said. "Let's go swimming in the quarry."

"I don't like to swim. I can't float."

"Oh, come on, don't be a spoilsport. It's great fun."

Then they were driving along a deserted road in his sensible car with the windows down and her hair streaming in

the wind, and she was urging him to go faster.

"Come on, she said. "Push it. Isn't it fun? We're all alone; let's have some fun. Go faster."

He'd had too much to drink. One minute he was laughing and singing with her at the top of his lungs, feeling full of

life, and the next he saw the tree, the big oak tree at a fork in the road, and he knew he couldn't stop in time -- it was all

a picture, the most vivid picture he'd ever seen, just so clear. The tree, the car, the moonlight. Clear and sharp.

He couldn't get it out of his head.

Maybe that's why he went back to it every night, back to the twisted wreckage, the motor racing even though the

car was wrecked, her screaming, scrambling out of the car through the passenger window, blood and makeup and tears

streaking her face.

And his broken, bloody, mangled body lying there. It was the Other now. Dead, gone, all the plans turned to ashes.

The picture was stuck in his head and it kept repeating, over and over.




"Watch out for the thing in the basement," Billy's Uncle Hank used to say. He thought it was funny, and he'd smile

when he told Billy about it. "Been down there a long time, since before I bought this house," he'd say. "People told me

about it, told me not to buy the house, but I didn't listen. I know it's there, though -- I can feel its presence. Like a cold,

clammy feeling; it makes your skin crawl. You know something's watching you, just waiting to pounce."

Billy didn't like his uncle. He was strange, had too many rules, and every rule had a punishment. The worst

punishment was the basement. If you ever did something really bad, Uncle said, you would have to go downstairs

where the thing lived.

The basement was called a "Michigan basement". It was unfinished, with a bare earth floor and walls. There was a

workbench, with tools scattered all around, and clutter everywhere. Old, broken furniture. Ancient toys. Old magazines

moldering in stacks. A bare lightbulb in the ceiling. It smelled damp and musty, and there were strange noises that came

from the shadows. His uncle came down here to do his woodworking, and he had an assortment of saws, lathes, and

chisels. There was even a big industrial table saw that could cut thick planks of wood.

When Billy's mother told him she was going away on vacation with his father and that he'd have to stay with his

uncle for a week, he pleaded not to go.

"Now, Billy," his mother said. "You're being unreasonable. We can't afford to hire a babysitter for you for the week,

and we have no other close relatives living nearby. We're not really friendly with any of our neighbors (you know I

don't believe in getting chummy with neighbors), so Uncle Hank is the only option we have. I don't know why you

keep saying you don't like your Uncle Hank. Why, he's my brother -- we're so close, we could almost be twins."

The first day, Billy broke a rule. His uncle had a strict rule about not wasting anything, and Billy accidentally

tipped a liter bottle of soda over on the kitchen table, and all the soda poured out.

His uncle got red in the face, smiled, and said, "Well, Billy, I think for that infraction you need to spend some time

in the basement."

Billy begged him not to go, but his uncle didn't listen. He grabbed Billy by the collar and marched him down the

old wooden steps, then marched back up himself, closed the big wooden door and bolted it shut.

And then he turned out the light.

It was a good thing the house was set back from the road, and there were no neighbors close by, or they would

have heard Billy's screams. Billy's uncle seemed not to notice the screams, or the pounding on the door, or any of the

other noises that came from the basement. The next morning he came down to breakfast whistling a cheery tune. When

he was finished eating his cereal, he said, "Well, Billy, I think you've had enough punishment for one night. Let's see

how you're doing."

When Billy's mother got back from her trip and came to pick him up, she rang the doorbell over and over, but

nobody answered.

Maybe that's why he went back to it every night, back to the twisted wreckage, the motor racing even though the

car was wrecked, her screaming, scrambling out of the car through the passenger window, blood and makeup and tears

streaking her face.

And his broken, bloody, mangled body lying there. It was the Other now. Dead, gone, all the plans turned to ashes.

The picture was stuck in his head and it kept repeating, over and over.



Now on to the most important part of this blog post, info on the book one lucky winner will win.

Pretty Unlikely
No matter how fast you run or how well you hide, you will always have to face your fears. Anna Strouse has just moved to Cleveland, Ohio with her young and crazy mother. Her new life is not good, her new life is not fun. Anna is not amused with her new surroundings at all, especially when she is tortured in her own house every night by horrific noises. Something wants Anna. Something needs Anna, and after she discovers what that something is, it changes her life forever. Fast friendships form as she brings it into this world, hoping for the best, but good things soon go bad, and Anna is left to deal with her mess in the worst ways. Her unintentional naivety starts to affect others around her as well, especially the police. Good and evil collide in this headstrong of a novel that teaches the lessons of life, love, risks, mischief, torture, friendships, and prejudice people. Follow her in Pretty Unlikely... Note: The Bloody Extended Edition includes an author's note, extended dialogue, a sneak peak at the next book to the trilogy, new book cover, along with a photo gallery inside as well, and more


Twitter: @EE_Hodson


13 Horror Stories

A collection of thirteen bone-chilling horror stories.


If you would like to be in for a chance to win both these books, then please follow the rules below.

1, be a follower
2 leave  a comment with your email address.

Yes as all ways its very simple here at SBC. I hope you have  enjoyed this post and I hope you all have a very scarey halloween. And one note of warning for you today on this very scarey day/night. keep your eyes open because you never know who  or what might be out there.  MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!.


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