Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Id like to welcome you all to a new weekly thing im gonna be taking part in. Its a weekly thing run by Marie Winter over at Tales with Bite. Wicked Wednesday's is a blog hop geared towards book lovers aged 18+ with the objective to find and visit other blogs that share the same interest as you... a love for Hot Reads!!
Wicked: Jade Butterfly (Wicked, #3)
“Then I suggest you be very quiet.” He bent at the waist
and lifted the breast in his right hand to his mouth, his
lips closing over her nipple. He flicked his tongue over
the hardening bud, sucking it until she gasped and
leaned back against the dresser, her fingers digging into
his hair.
He straightened at the soft moan of his name and lifted
her, carrying her to the bed and laying her down. He
followed her, taking her lips in a kiss that said he wasn’t
taking no for an answer. His fingers skimmed her
breasts and tickled the soft skin of her belly before
diving inside the thin cotton of her panties. She moaned
when he parted her wet folds, his fingers sliding easily
between her legs. He worked her with his fingers,
listening to her moans and gasps and thought his dick
would explode with every sound she made. When her
body stiffened suddenly, he latched onto her breast,
sucking the puckered tip until she shuddered under him,
her body convulsing as spasms wracked her small frame.

I love this series, if you have a wicked wednesday the please come and shrae it with me. xx

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