Monday, 21 May 2012



Well, Im here today to tell you who won the morganville vampire giveaway but before we do, Id like to tell you all how my trip to meet Rachel Caine went. Well the day started bad because we got lost and couldnt find where we were ment to go and when we got there the lady said I needed a ticket and that they had sold out *sad face*.  But with me being so good at blagging peoples heads I mangaed to work my way in and I got lots of free swag. which is another funny story because I was on ment to have one small bag full and I came away with 4 bag fulls *wiggles eyebrows*. Yes the poor woman in waterstones didnt know what had hit her lol. When I finally got to talk with Rachel and her Lovely husband Cat, it was amazing. I was a bit tongue tied at first and didnt know what to say, so I told her about the blog and all my followers who love reading her books. and she sends her love to all of you. On leaving More bad look hit and the camera wouldnt work, so I didnt manage to get any pictures of me and her but Cat, Rachels husband drew me a picture of a dragon and it is amazing. x

Now the moment you have all been waiting for the winner of the signed Morganville book and swag is.

I will be in contact soon with information on your prize.



  1. Thank u, I'm so excited! You misspelled my name though.