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Title: Unplugged ( A Portrait of a Rock Star)
Author:  J P Grider
Unplugged (A Portrait of a Rock Star)Date Published: November 7th 2011

Description: A former eighties rocker grapples with returning to the stage seven years after the death of his wife causes him to question his morality and quit the band.

Tagg Holland, lead singer of the band Holland, is no stranger to the indulgent life of a rock idol. But when a one-night stand leads to a fatal accident, Tagg Holland leaves his celebrity behind and seeks life underground, running from everyone but the one person he can't outrun...

Until Mara shows up at his door, training bag in hand. Suddenly life begins looking up for Tagg. With renewed hope, Tagg revisits his rock and roll life and attempts to rise above his old debaucheries...until another near-fatal accident threatens Tagg's resolve and sends him plummeting once again.

With his emotional stability tinkering on the edge of another breakdown, will Tagg Holland be capable of finding his way back to the top...or will he be just another rock legacy who lived way too fast, dying way too young?

Review:  Tagg Holland used to be a rock star but after a tragic night he leaves it behind and wallows in guilt and he turns to drink and drugs to try and get over what had happened.  This only leads him on a downward spiral and he struggles to get over the night he fears was down to him.

Not only does he turn to drink and drugs but he lets himself go in so many other ways, he puts on weight and doesn't brush his hair because he hates the thought of anyone knowing who he is so he trys everything to disguise himself.

Tagg is so down on him self that when his dad trys to push him into making a new start with the band he hates the idea. He doesn't think he should have the chance at a good life.  But as mums know best she puts her foot down, sick of seeing him the way he is she makes a stand and makes him sort him self out.

this is where the personal trainer comes in to it. A small beautiful woman who he seems to know, As the two work together she helps him see things clearly and makes him see what he has been missing out on and he lets the past be the past and moves on with his life.

Hmmmm what to say, what to say. My heart went out to Tagg and I so wanted him to be OK. I wanted to be the on to give him the kick up the ass that he needed to move on with his life. If you are a person who cry at books then id really keep your hankies near because Tag will be pulling at those heart strings. This story was well written and I guess can be described as an inspiration to people who want to give up on life. 


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