Sunday, 29 January 2012


Well its that time of the week where I give you a little teaser from one of my favourite blogs. I realley think everyone should check the storys out on this blog. you will love them and some might even make your toes curl and your belly flutter.

Tales with Bite.

Chapter Four

Qhuinn looked down when he heard a loud thump and felt something heavy land on his New Rocks. Reaching up he realised he was missing one serious piece of hardware.

Shit, his dog chain.

As he falls to his knees, his ears ringing and his breath catching, the last thing he remembers is the rumble of thunder echoing off the garage walls.

Or maybe it was just the half dozen shitkickers that belonged to the Brother's.

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Now I think if you like this teaser then you will love the rest, why dont you  go check out the rest of the story and maybe follow the blog.

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