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Fangs and Lullabies (The Demons Age)Title : Fangs and Lullabies
Author: Kallysten
Date Published: Febuary 17th 2011            

Description: A child's birth. His first teeth and first steps. School friends and bullies, recess, school plays and science projects. A girl, a crush and a broken heart. These childhood experiences are shared by countless little boys from different horizons.

And yet... Jacob is anything but average. For as long as he has been able to understand, a secret has shaped his life, kept even from his closest friends: his father, Andrew, is a vampire. And so is his other father, Nicholas.

In a strange era when demons are beginning to appear all over the world and threaten humans and vampires alike, the three of them form quite an extraordinary family. And yet, at the same time, they could hardly be more normal.

Two fathers raising a son neither of them ever thought he would have. A Sire and Childe resuming their relationship after years of estrangement. Through snapshots covering Jacob's life from birth to adulthood, discover this unusual family, and how, in the end, all it takes is love.

This book starts with Andrew and Cara. One vamp and one human. Both made a child by mixing both DNA. Now 9 months on and Cara has passed away in childbirth and Andrew is left to bring up the baby by himself.
A bit further on in the book when Andrew is learning to bring up the baby (Jacob). He gets a visit from a Vampire named Nicholas  turned up wanting to stay. Andrew was the one to change Nick into a vampire but made him leave because he couldn't stop killing humans but now he's back and given up his old life.
Nicholas got a shock when he found out about baby Jacob and he not only had to deal with having to keep himself from killing but learn how to bring up a child as well.
As the book goes on Andrew and Nicholas find there feeling for each other had come back with force and the three of them became a family. Along side all the new beginnings both men had to deal with fighting demons and keeping each other safe. The love that came from both men was totally amazing.

Over all view:
Well iv been waiting to read this book for such a long time and I'm so glad I finally got my hands on a copy. Well it started out making me cry when we were in the hospital room and Andrew was coming to terms with the death of Cara, omg what a way to start, it was so emotional and all most had me crying like a baby.Then we meet Nicholas and omg this guy made my heart swoon. he was my favourite out of the guys because he was hot guy with a dark and funny side. Wat i loved about this book was that we got to see Jacobs point of view and i had such a chuckle. he was so cute. This book was moving and funny and heartwarming and yes we do see a steamy side to Andrew and Nicholas relationship. If i had to start my life again and i could do it any way I wanted I would grow up in there household because I could feel the love jumping from the page and I think Kellysten has done an amazing work with this original story line.





  1. This sounds like a great one! I can't wait either, Megan!