Monday, 9 January 2012



Hi everyone, im here today to tell you about an amazing and an amazing blog. Marie Winter runs a blog where she posts her amazing Fan Fics and Erotica shorties.  iv read some of her work and I know alot of you ,my amazing followers will love her work. so I thought I would share some info with you.

Maries Bio

BioSo, here's the deal... I in no way consider myself a skilled author, I just enjoy putting pen to paper and filling the pages with the naughtiness that plagues me daily. I mean, why waste all that pent up kink when I can share my perversion for the erotic with all you lovely people.

Tales With Bite - - This blog is a little Den of Sauciness for me to post my fanfic, and erotic short stories, about the paranormal creatures I fantasize of. I just hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

Lover Redeemed is my fanfic based on J.R. Ward's 'Black Dagger Brotherhood' series, and as you can guess I am obsessed with a particular pair of young vampires known to all us crazies as 'Qhuay.' I totally want these two to work out their differences and end up mated. I've imagined it happening in so many different ways, and thought 'Hell, why not share my obsession with everyone else.' LOL. Anywho, I'll be posting a new chapter every fortnight. Make sure you stop by and check it out

Excerpt - Chapter One
Sighing Qhuinn soaped up his palms and washed the sweat from his skin. As he worked his chest and arms images of Blay once more assaulted him.

Shuddering he let his hand make it's way down his water slicked chest and past his hips until it gradually wandered where it shouldn't, wrapping around his hardened flesh.


Qhuinn's breath left him on a hiss and his back arched as he slowly worked himself, images of his best friends red hair, strong jaw and shappire eyes filling his mind.


Well there you go guys, I hope Iv told you enough to want to check out this Amazing blog. Im telling you there is something for everyone. and when Marie  reaches 100 followers we will work together to come up with an amazing event for you all to take part in. so go check it out.


  1. Qhuay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *swoon* I'm deff there *runs to check out blog*

  2. LOVE....what else can I say? <3

  3. Thank you Sweet for pimping my pervy ass out!! ;)

  4. thanks ladies.

    Marie your very welcome sweets. xx