Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Title: King of Vengeance
BEASTS~ King Of VengeanceAuthor:Leanore Elliot
Seires: Beast
Date Published: September 30th 2011

Description : Beasts Of Vengeance—Hot, Sexy and Suspenseful...

Victor Payne is the Hurt Legend of the LA detective squad. A swaggering, break the rules type of cop with a bust record no one else can touch.
Valentine is a by the book Malibu detective who follows procedure to the letter.
They are forced to work the Malibu Slasher case together. The killer is a woman with a beastly way of dispatching her male victims.
Valentine finds that she hates Payne even more than she thought she would, as they clash again and again.
Payne knows they are chasing a beast and he begins to suspect that Valentine is not who she appears to be.
While the mystery unravels, the truth is stunning, as these two come together in a way they never would have believed.
Will they pay a price for a love cast from vengeance?

Readers of the Beasts books have discovered that these books are like no other in their genre.

"Different and intriguing..."— Paranormal Kiss Review

"Because baby— this Beast is all man!"— Close Encounters Of The Night Kind.

Review : This book starts with Payne, Strong, Tough but  Really Funny and oh so wow. He is a detective in LA and he is known as the hurt legend, all ways getting his man no matter what

Valentine a Malibu detective does everything by the code and how it should be done. But someone is killing people in a very nasty way making it hard for her to do it the right way.

Payne gets transferred to Malibu to help Valentine, she's not used to working with people but its made harder because Payne stands for everything Valentine is against, the two clash and rub each other the wrong way but one of them seems to enjoy it more then the other.

as the plot thickens Valentine is being framed for the murders and her and Payne set out to prove that she is Innocent and that she had nothing to do with the murders, while they are working through this the to grow closer together and there feelings grow

This story has a lot of action and keeps you on the edge of the seat. Leanore really does know how to work you up with these hot and steamy  erotic books. Leanore is an amazing writer and she really knows what she is doing, she knows what her readers want and she gives it to them every time. She manages to make every one of her characters exciting and new, not one lets you down.  I think Leanore could take her hand to anything and still manage to impress me.



  1. What does a author say to a review like this one? You humbled me to the bone! I have to keep pushing the ego down and 'not' re-read it again for the tenth freakin' time!
    Thank you, sweet Satin!