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Blood Magic: Draven Witch Series Book 1Title: Blood magic
Author: Zoey Sweete
Series: Draven Witch Series
Date published: 15th october 2011

Description: Half vampire and half witch, whose powers stem from an age old bloodline, Renee Draven is hell bent on destroying the evil that has terrorized her lineage and take back the power that was stolen long ago. As foretold by prophecy, Renee prepares to battle Damaskeos, the evil one that has stolen the lives of her ancestors for centuries and taken their power for his own. She must learn to use her power to protect herself while being haunted by visions of the past. Racing against time Renee must find Dante Angelo, the one who is to awaken her vampire side and give her the strength to defeat Damaskeos. As she embarks on her dark journey into a world of demons, vampires, werewolves, and those who hunt them, Renee stumbles across William Angelo, the lost soul she was said to bring home and save. Struggling to stay alive, she is torn between her duties and wanting a normal life. Renee must search for the power within herself to save the lives of those she loves and trust the magic that flows through her blood. Blood Magic takes you on a mystical ride into alternate dimensions and the world of the Draven witches with the supernatural creatures that have sworn to protect them and die for them.

Over all View.  Renee Draven was born half witch and half vampire and was born to a prophecy, which will restore her family's name to what it once was. to do this she has to face a vampire called Damaskeos. Damaskeos is a vampire who kills the Draven witch's, when he kills them he can absorb there powers, which in turn makes him a very powerful vampire. Renee as premonitions of I'm when she sleeps, of him attacking her and taking her blood. Renne wishes she was born with a normal life, not born a witch and having to live in a place called Avreus. Where her mother could keep her safe. until the day came when she had to do battle with Dmaskeos. when the time finally came Renee went to New York modern time where her vampire father lived to learn how to use her vampire side the way she could use her witch's side. everyone hopes with the use of both sides of her family running through her veins that she can finally win the battle that has been long since coming.

Well what to say, well I really liked this book. It was really easy to read and follow and it had a really good story line. a story line that kept you wanting to read. I loved the characters in this book they really kept you interested and they are the kind of characters that you will never forget. I really think people should give this book a try. I'm sure most of you will love it. The only down side I have with this  book is that it should be in paper back, but that's just me because I love paperbacks and think all books should be in that format.


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