Friday, 11 November 2011


 As you know guys and gals i like to keep you infromed about the new books that are out there, so take a look at this and let me know what you think.

Cover for 'Unplugged (A Portrait of a Rock Star)'Unplugged (A Portrait of a Rock Star)

Ebook By J.P. Grider
$1.99 Rating: 1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star
(5.00 based on 2 reviews)
Published: Nov. 07, 2011
Category: Fiction » Drama » American
Words: 69098 (approximate)

Ebook Short Description

A former eighties rocker grapples with returning to the stage seven years after the death of his wife causes him to question his morality and quit the band.

Extended Description

Tagg Holland, lead singer of the band Holland, is no stranger to the indulgent life of a rock idol. But when a one-night stand leads to a fatal accident, Tagg Holland leaves his celebrity behind and seeks life underground, running from everyone but the one person he can't outrun...

Until Mara shows up at his door, training bag in hand. Suddenly life begins looking up for Tagg. With renewed hope, Tagg revisits his rock and roll life and attempts to rise above his old debaucheries...until another near-fatal accident threatens Tagg's resolve and sends him plummeting once again.

With his emotional stability tinkering on the edge of another breakdown, will Tagg Holland be capable of finding his way back to the top...or will he be just another rock legacy who lived way too fast, dying way too young?               


  1. This sounds really different and promising. I WILL be on the lookout for it.