Sunday, 2 October 2011


well I got an award today, yay me. this award came all the way from Book that Thing. This award is

Id like to say a really big thank you, im so really happy to get this.

So Iv been told I have to tell you  7 things about my self , omg what on earth am I gonna tell you. I think most of you know everything I  have to tell lol.

1, Im 30 years old
2, I have 2 great kids.
3 Aeron, Shade and Ash are mine ladies so eyes  and hands off *wink, wink*
4, oh, erm my hair has never been its natural colour since  I was  16 years old.
5,  reading take me away from the stress of everyday life.
6, Im addicted to coffee lol.
7, I get all excited when I get books and swag through the


Ok im now ment to pass this on to 15 of my favourtie bloggers/blogs.

1,  My girl at  Madame D's Boudior
2, My kink bags at Under the Covers
3, My sexy ladies at Riverina Romantics
4,  The guys at S,E,R's Awesomeness
5,  An amazing person at Vanes Mate the Bookaholic
6, My special ladies at Paranormal Wastelands
7, A great friend  at Mel Haffners Bookclub

The rest of these Bloggers I dont get alot of time to talk to but I know they have amazing blogs.

I want to say a BIG congrats to these bloggers there all amazing at what they do. And again id like to say thank you  for my award :)!.


  1. Mwah babe, thank you so much for my wonderful award.

  2. Thanks Sweetie!!

    I can't say I would steer clear from Shade or Ash but will do for the sake of our buddyship Rotfl!!!

    I love that you don't keep the same hair color. I need tips. I haven't colored my hair in 12 years! Ahaha.... I guess now I'm desperate the gray hairs are flowing in :D hehehe..

    Congrats on your award >•<

  3. Very cool and well deserved! You go, Sexy Lips!

  4. You're welcome! :-)
    You picked some awesome bloggers as well.
    We both are coffee addicts I see haha
    _yay_ @ BookthatThing!

  5. Thanks Woman!!! Areon is definitely one we gon have the share cuz he is pure HOTNESS!!