Thursday, 20 October 2011


Matched (Matched, #1)This book started off really slow, but as it went on I got more in to it.Its about people taking a stand, and falling in love with the wrong people.I love cassia and I love ky and i all so loved xander.
A love triangle with a bad ending.I didnt like how it got left open for the next book. I think that  ky should of got to end up with cassia at the end of this one instead of her having to go look for him..and I wish there could of been a happy ending for zander.Im just stuck now waiting for the next book to find out if the guy and girl do finaly end up togeather and to see what happens to the rest of the town.      

13 Horror Stories
This book was very gruesome but very inventive.It had some very shocking disclosures.

I dont normally read these kinds of books but for any one who does , I would recomend you give this book a try.This author has the nack of keeping you on the edge of your seat with this great peace of work.  A great read for halloween.

Entice (Need, #3)Ok where to start, I loved the first book of this set and most of the second book. But when Zara got turned into a pixie at the end of the last book, the series went down hill. I really could not get into this book. I think Carrie is a good writer and she is good with details but I just couldn't get into this book. Zara being a pixie totally turned me off it.
So it starts with Zara and her friends having to rescue her boyfriend from the place where fallen warriors go. as all this is going on Zara finds that she is fighting to keep the trust of her friends as well as trying to stop the pixie king from taking more young boys. As you can see the story line is good, but more could of been made of it. Iv gone from totally loving the first book to not been able to get in to the third. sorry guys but this is one book I would tell you not to go out and bye...

Single White Vampire (Argeneau, #3)I thiink these books are really slow and somtimes really hard to read but then you come across a funny bit and   it makes  you wanna keep reading. There were a lot of funny bits in this book, like when lucern phones down to room service and asks for some condoms or when kate finds his brother in a coffin in the basement and he  decides to scare the shit out of her.
over all if it wasnt for the funny bits I wouldnt read these books.They simply didnt do it for me.  

Love Slave for Two: BeginningsThis is not the normal kind of book I would go for. But when I seen the cover I thought it looked very interesting, if ya know what I mean.
This books runs around Thomas and Taylor both living there lives unsure of there sexuality. Tyler experiments with other guys, and finds its what he likes and he trys lots of different things with this guy and he falls in love with him, then one day the guy lets him down and walks away. Tyler doesn't think he will ever love again till he meets Thomas.
Thomas only boy in a large family of girls, struggles to fit in, spending his school life dating girls, an knowing it wasn't for him. he moves away from home and he comes across Tyler and then the sparks fly because these two are on fire. you spend the book getting to know these to and if your anything like me you will fall in love with them both. I so wouldn't mind being the girl in the middle of these two. This then brings me to Neevie she becomes there cleaner and Thomas and Tyler decide they want to keep her *wink* but this leads you to book two, so I wont spill any more there. This book is full of BDSM, Public Exhibition and M/M, M/M/M, with M/M/M/F. so as you can see lots of fun to be had. lol

Intimate Beings (The Being Trilogy #2)I really couldnt get into this book, there was to much going on. ITs about aliens from far away lands that are brought to earth to keep safe, they get seperated so they have to use there magic powers to to find each other.Blah Blah Blah. Maybe its because I started off with the second book because i couldnt get my hands on the first but this book and series really wasnt for me.


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