Thursday, 21 July 2011


Title: The  Beholder
Author:Leanore (Bonnie)  Elliot
 Date Published: May 7th 2011

DESCRIPTION:  Trace Victors lived her life as a cold Hit Woman; she loved the game of the hunt, but this would be her last hit. She spotted hit number fifty through her scope. The man stood tall and well built, from his dark head and wide shoulders, to his long, firm legs.Turning his head, his face came into clear view of her scope. His profile showed a definite handsome face—a semi-bronze tan, firm jaw line and dark, wavy hair. Trace held her breath while his intense, green eyes glared back at her.
The hunter became the hunted as the game turned on her. Only this target played by different rules.She found that the chase would be short and possibly deadly, because target number fifty wasn't a normal man.
She didn't know it yet, but The Beholder was about to change her life.

REVIEW:    Trace is an assassin/ hit woman. She's good at what she does, untill one night everything changes, she looses her spark her passion for what she does. The job she once loved has changed forever. This night would of been her 50th kill but a man gets in her way. he moves like a panther with  a  gracful walk. She cant take her eyes off him the way he glides across the room. she goes to shoot but cant old steady, she feels his deep green eyes watching her, as she lifts her head, she cant belive he has seen herwhat will happen, will she shoot or will she be shot. Only one way to find out guys, buy this book and read the rest for your selves, im telling you, you wont regret it.

Well what to say first, I loved this book, so full of description. It kept me reading, I didnt want to put it down, I dont  normaly read novella's but this one I couldnt stop. I think this book was very sexy, but  yet it wasnt totaly over run by sex. the way the two characters came together made me * swoon* .  oh boy the chemistry made my toes curl lol.   I love the way Leanore put two strong characters togethers together, I love it when the female can hold her own, just as much as a man can. :)  . over all a really great read:)



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  1. I did not see this before and I'm so glad you enjoyed the story, Susie! Hayden is yummy, right? The extra pink cheetah lips for sexy? Too freakin' awesome!!!!