Sunday, 26 June 2011


I want to say thank you to the girls over at RIVERINA ROMANTICS for there kind wishes.  I want to say ill be keeping them close to my heart today. Along with them Hunky Guardian Angels  you sent to watch over me.  I all so want to thank Meg, for listening to me go on and on over the past couple of weeks, thank you chick, your one special lady


I all so want to send out BIG THANKS   to my girl Kiki  over at MADAME D'S BOUDOIR , I don't think Id of got over the past months without you babes, and I'm very grateful to you for all you have done for me.  Big Kiss and Hugs from me. 

I all so want to say thanks to all the other guys and girls who have helped me out  when iv been finding things hard, I want you all to know that  I will do the same for all of you, I love you all to bits. you all now have a friend for life  (you poor things) lol.



  1. Aww Sue that's so sweet! Love you to bits, too. I'm very proud to have you as a friend for life and I hope you know you have a friend for life, too. Many of them, as a matter of fact. :)

  2. Aww... mo chairde, you're bringing tears to my eyes. Love you too ;)

    When you're up to it pop over and see who I put on the blog especially for you - cause you know he wouldn't be there for any other reason - I still dont get why you love him. lol

    Get well soon babes, chat soon *kisses*

  3. thanks nissie.

    kiki babes love ya and that guy is hot

  4. I love the Golden Girls! I hope my Hunky Angels helped keep your mind busy thinking up wonderful ways to use them! Hope all is well and you're feeling OK. XOXO

  5. all went well, and i put it down to all your well wishes... thank you ladies