Thursday, 2 June 2011


Ok so you have seen me interview authors and models, well now its your turn, im going to be interviewing my fellow bloggers, find out what makes you tick.

So heres the first of my  Bloggers, who dares to talk with me lol.
Annie from  Under the Covers.


SATIN-  who is your favourite  book guy and why?

Ann -  Favourite book guy? That's hard. First guy who comes to mind is Rhage from BDB. But I also recently finished reading Unlawful Contact by Pamela Clare and I'm digging Marc Hunter a lot right now!!

SATIN-     why do you do your blog?

Ann- I have a blog because I love books and love meeting new people who love it too. It gives me the chance to share my thoughts on books and makes the solitary acting of reading into something fun with a group.

SATIN -  whats been the best post you have ever done?

Ann- Best post we've ever done? Hmm. I can't say but I'm pretty proud of our Reading on the Dark Side Fantasy Cast post for Kresley Cole's IAD series! It looks pretty!

  SATIN- ,if you could take any one for dinner who would it be, ( please say me lol)?

Ann- SUSIE WILSON OF SUE'S BOOKISH CORNER! This girl has my back and has awesome advice when it comes to blogging. She's such a great friend and fellow blogger. xoxo for my girl!!

SATIN - ,which is your fav blog ever?
 Ann-   Fave blog ever? *cough* Under the Covers book blog, of course! *winks*

Yay  Annies taking me out to dinner, what time you picking m up so there you have it..You now know a little more about  my kinkbag Annie. If  you want to know anything else  or you are looking for a great blog to follow then chick out this blog, its fun and hot and its got something for everyone..   Thanks for taking the time to talk to me annie.


  1. Great interview Sue/Annie! I love your IAD Character List post. That is like freakin' fantastic. lol

    ~ Sarah ♥ I'm Loving Books

  2. glad you liked it ladies,

  3. Loves it!!

    I'm not sure what I told you PW's fav post was but I hope it was A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole bc yes yes I think that IS my fav!!! Me and Greta tag teamed that one and she threatened me with a chainsaw to stay away from Laclain! LMAO

    Greta post and I lust Under the Covers....her site does naughty things to me...and gets Greta in trouble with the hubz*winks*

  4. hahaha!! That was good ladies!! Watch that one Annie, she tends to eat and run... LOL

  5. lmfao, that sounded so dirty