Saturday, 23 April 2011


Title: Bloodlines
Author: Sean Robertson
Series: The Cries of Vampira
The Cries of Vampira: Bloodlines (The Cries Of Vampira, #2)Date Published: 7th April 2011

When i spoke to sean this is what he had to say.

"You can tell your Blog Readers that ten percent of the royalties from The Cries Of Vampira series is donated to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and the ebook versions are only .99 cents each! Thank you! "  

Description: 'Bloodlines' is the sequel to the internationally acclaimed novella 'The Cries Of Vampira: The Horror Of Gaad Grey, the Evil Alpha Werewolf'. 'Bloodlines' descriptively reveals how the original brutal conflict began between Vamps & Wolves and shares new characters unseen in book one. Vampire Romance, Suspense, Dark Fantasy and Historical Fiction all converge in this 18,000 word novella! How did such a peaceful land arrive at Death's door?

Review:   Blood lines is the  follow on book of cries of the vampire. Robertson has created a dark world  set in historical times.  with vampiras against werewolfs.  With the werewolfs the bad guys  and vapmpiras the good…its an on going battle for control.  There are fight scenes in this book that are bloody and gory and yes ill add gruesome. So any one who likes this kind of thing will like this book.

I think we learn more about the characters in this book, more then we did in the first. I think the story is growing and getting better as it goes along. I still say this story is more horror then any thing else  because  its so dark.. 


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