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Date Published: January 2015

Once they bayou was thick with it. The buttery yellow petals. The delicately veined green leaves. The seductive scent of wolfbane.
Philip was happy now that he had his pint of old character and decided to take a shortcut through the graveyard toward home. He paused every now and then to speak to the headstones or crypt of some poor departed soul he had known it better days. Then he heard a moaning. He looked around, spotting a huge mound of earth that he did not remember being there the last time, he took this short cut. Philip decided to look. He staggered toward the mound of earth, stopping as he heard a snarling sound. It was muffled, as it came from the grave itself.

Joann Harris was born in Durham, North Carolina and from an early age, she always wanted to write horror. What is it about horror that she finds so tantalizing? For one she finds terror a thrill a minute. Even when she was a teen she taunted her friends and relatives with stories about blood and gore, embellishing on the sordid details as they squirmed and cringed. Harris currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland.

How to avoid the rejection blues Shaking off those rejection blues involves many things, but the most important is to maintain confidence in yourself, your writing ability, and the knowledge somewhere out there a publisher will pick up your novel. So keep submitting , and of course the blues will go away.

Book Covers. Show the first impression of the author’s effort. People get ideas about the story of the book, by looking at the cover.

10-step becoming a better writer

1. Write
2. Write more
3. Write even more
4. Write even more than that.
5. Write when you don’t want to.
6. Write when you do.
7. Write when you have something to say.
8. Write when you don’t
9. Write everyday
10. Keep writing

Selling your first book
You make a list of potential editors/publishers submission requirements: you send the one whatever version of the novel they want to see portion and outlining query letter or full manuscript hardcopy or electronic: and when your manuscript gets rejected, you send it to the next publisher on. Your list, over and over, until the things get sell.

Practical advice for being Fiction or other genre writer.
I think it is important to find an editor you trust. This person will become your mentor and help mold you in ways you never thought were possible. Making grammar and editing mistakes

Create a list of articles you want to write but don’t have the time

Feed your mind
Keep a swipe file
Write in active voice
Check your spelling and usage.

Identify your writing problems.

1. point of view intrusion
2. undefined it.
3. Would as dead wood
4. There was /were/is/are
5. Talking, head and floating thoughts

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