Tuesday, 28 April 2015


This past few weeks iv been on a total book binge,  The series iv got in to is Chloe Neill's Chicargoland Vampires. I cant seem to put the books down and as soon as iv finished one then I start another. I think iv become addicted lol. So again this week my Teaser comes from that series.

“Congratulations!” said the race director, pumping our hands energetically before offering the race medals. The silver medals were shaped like the outline of Cadogan House, the ribbons wide navy blue grosgrain. I dropped my head while he placed the medal around my neck, then watched as he did the same to Ethan.
“Amazing show,” he said, but looked chagrined. “Do vampires keep records? I’d have done an official tabulation if I’d known—that was just so fast.”
“No worries,” Ethan said, glancing at the board that marked our final time. “We were fast. But there are faster vampires.”
“Well, in any event, damned impressive.” He pumped Ethan’s hand with enthusiasm. “If you decide you’d like to train, make a run at them, I’d be happy to work with you.”
“I appreciate that,” Ethan said, and the director disappeared to greet the others who’d crossed the finish line.
That’s when I felt it: the telltale tingle of metal—of a gun—moving near us.

This was my teaser this week and I am really loving this series. Im really hoping I can get in touch with the author and get her to talk with us.

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