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Id like to welcome you all to a new weekly thing im gonna be taking part in. Its a weekly thing that was run by Marie Winter over at Tales with Bite.  But Marie no longer has a blog so, im going to be taking over. Wicked Wednesday's is a blog hop geared towards book lovers aged 18+ with the objective to find and visit other blogs that share the same interest as you... a love for Hot Reads!!

Kirsten’s smile widened just a hair. “Yes.”
“To… your bed?” he added, more quietly.
She leaned in a little closer and breathed a word against his lips. “Yes.”
He almost laughed in sheer relief.
“My bed is just up the steps,” he pointed out.
She snorted. “Right. And so are your parents. Sorry, but I know how good vamp
hearing is. I’d rather not have them listening in.”
This time, he did laugh, and tightened his arms around her again to hold her
“I’m sure they’d rather not have to hear it either,” he said, and kissed her again,
just because he could, just because he was allowed, now, and had been missing
the feel of her lips on his for much too long.
She ended the kiss faster than before to ask, “So, are you coming home with
He couldn’t manage another word, but a nod seemed to be enough. Together,
they walked over to her car. Jacob’s heart seemed to beat to the rhythm of her
name, and as she drove them back to her place, he couldn’t help looking at
her—staring at her, really—as though if he looked away she just might
disappear and this might turn out to be nothing more than a dream.
He’d had that dream many, many times over the years. Mornings had come too
fast and with too much disappointment. Maybe she understood, because she
reached for his hand and held it in hers all the way home and only let go to park
and get out of the car. She held out her hand to him as soon as they were both
out, and didn’t let go again even after they were inside her apartment.
This felt odd, Jacob thought; like their first time all over again, and never mind
that they were much older. When he looked at her, he wondered if she could
feel it, too—and maybe she did because, like back then, she suddenly seemed a
little shy. She wasn’t hesitating, not any more than he was, but she had to

realize like Jacob did the importance of the step they were about to take.

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Ron Sheffield, a gifted but tormented Green Beret, plagued by suicidal guilt because of his "special" abilities, is discharged from the army for going "crazy." Immediately, he is brutally beaten and shot by the Mafia, and is hospitalized near death. His life is dramatically saved by Amber Ash, who also possesses "special" abilities; and from there the two are propelled against mobsters, terrorists, and a government cell out to kill them over Iraqi documents Ron possesses from his army service. Ron becomes a Mafia hit man, targeting fallen mobsters. This brings Ron and Amber into contact with the powerful and humane gifted secret society, Eros; this contact eventually actualizing Ron's mental gifts to a point beyond his imagination. Ron is confronted with the imminent nuclear obliteration of a major American city by a suicidal terrorist cell that only he can stop. But will he be able to do it in time? Of Good and Evil is a spiritual fight against tyranny. Gerald G. Griffin grew up in Flint, Michigan and graduated from Michigan State University with a Ph.D. He then moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he set up a private practice as a psychologist. Gerald now resides in Gainesville, Georgia where he is working on Of Good and Evil's sequel, A Time of Reckoning. Publisher's Website:http://www.strategicpublishinggroup.c...

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