Monday, 22 September 2014

Mandy Hotties blog hop

Manday Hotties Hop - Every Monday!Mandy Hotties blog hop, is run by Felicity Heaton. Its a weekly thing, that anyone can join in, just simply go over to Felicity's blog and sign up and follow the simples rules.

Well if your like me, you will hate Monday mornings. So let me warm up your Monday morning by sharing a little hot eye candy.

Now I know a lot of my Ladies have a fetish for kilts, so that's been my theme for today, I hope  you have enjoyed this little warm up, if you want to keep getting hotter go to Felicity's blog to see who else is taking part.


  1. Oh! I'll have a lil of #2 and #4 please!!

  2. My favourite is #1. I have pinched a copy.

  3. glad you ladies enjoyed the show lol. xx