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Title: More Sex
MORE SEX (Erotique Content Series)Author: Leanore Elliott
Date Published: June 9th 2012

Description: Wicked Leanore writes hot sex with an emotional tie, so this is not your average trashy type, one-night-stand erotica, but it’s a body squirming, hot flash worthy anthology and definitely naughty enough. These sex stories are all filled with sexual intensity and some are light BDSM and not for the timid reader. All of them imbued with different appetites and preferences, but with one thing in common—they will get you hot.
This is for those of us who just want…MORE SEX
Pearl was utterly helpless while her thighs opened wider and he sucked harder. “Please, oh!” she begged as he pulled in every drop she had, the drawing overwhelming as she shuddered violently in his grip. “Please, it’s too much, please?” she pleaded.
The feeling of his silky length sliding along her slick, wet, sensitized clit was so glorious, wicked and sinful, she shivered with an expectant delight.Claire wondered at just that second, if this was what a cock tease really was. ‘Not the girl teasing the cock, but the cock actually teasing the girl!’
“But you will, my sexy slave…you will,” Lena threatened with a wicked smile. “As a warrior, I'm sure you've tamed a wild horse or two.” She looked around the room and saw the horse tack on the far wall. “And seeing that you do ride horses, I knew the equipment had to be here somewhere.” Her eyes settled on a mean looking leather crop. She raised a brow at him. “I bet a strong, swaggering man like you has never been whipped with one of your own riding crops.”
“See? You’re comfortable with me,” he prompted. “You don’t pant like a bitch in heat when I…”
Miranda bit at her lip. "No, but it could happen in a millisecond…me—you—doggy style? And I would howl to the fucking moon!" She took a deep breath. "Steady, Fifi, steady."
Rich was stroking in accord to her strokes. He had no control over any of it. If she stopped before she got hot and came, he would go without release tonight. Her finger sped up as his thoughts cheered, Yes, baby, yes. She leaned her body back and licked her lips.He knew, because he had memorized every trait, every nuance and the binoculars swept higher to eventually see her tongue come out and swipe her lips.
Jewel thought she might die from an overpowering wave of bliss, agony and joy. His threat of allowing her to take him deep in her throat caused another wave of weak neediness to ripple through her. She was stunned with the realization that he knew how to discipline in such mind-blowing ways that she never dreamed of before.


In this book, we have 6 steamy stories, stories that will make your belly flutter and your toes curl. but would we expect anything less from Leanore Elliot.

Book one is called Dedicated and its about Pearl who has worked with a man called Taylor. Pearl has a secret, she has feelings for Taylor. We see the two come together and steam up the place.

Book two is called Satisfaction Guaranteed, now here we meet Claire she is an orgasm virgin because she has never been able to come during sex. but with a little help from her friend Claire spends the night with an amazing sexy man., now to know weather or not This man makes Claire orgasm for the first time and maybe more *wink wink* you must give this book a try.

 For the third book we have Conquer Me, and we meet Lena, she may be single but this doesn't matter because she is a independent business woman. When she meets an amazingly hot man we all so get to see a totally different side of her.

Forth book,  The Hat Trick,We have Miranda, a reporter who is writing about sex. while doing some research *wink wink* she learns so much more about sex to write about then she ever imagined.

Next we have book five The View. We meet Rich in this book, and he happens to be a peeping tom. and he spends all his time watching the woman next door. but one day he finds he is found out by someone who he never paid much notice to. and this is when things change for hm.

and lastly we have book six, Mine.  We have Jewel in this book has a Dom/sub relationship but this Dom of hers was an abusive ass and she finally gets away, this is when Rober walks into her life. and Jewel finds what she has all ways wanted from life.

This book is filled with very hot sex. and it comes in many shapes and forms. There is sex for everyone in this book. and if your not scared and open to new things then I think this book is for you. but having said that if your not into a lot of sex in your books take note from the title and give it a skip. Leanore has done an amazing job with this book. she really made me sit up and pay attention but all so made me a little jealous of all them very lucky ladies in this book.


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