Sunday, 3 June 2012


Hi my name is Megan, Megan Burns. I once lived in a normal house in a normal town. Some might say my life was boring, hanging out with my friends and doing the normal stuff people my age do but I have to say I loved it. But  one day my boring normal life changed and became not so normal when I was told by my mum that we were having money problems and she wanted me to go stay with my great uncle, might I add I had no idea I even had a great uncle, so you can guess at what kind of shock I was in, when I woke up this dark day to find my suitcase was packed and my m*we'll pick something up on the way*. So there I was on this long journey with food from a grotty service station sat on my knee. I chose to eat in silence and I didn't speak  to my mum all the way there. When our journey had come to an end and we pulled up to a big house, and I mean this house was BIG!!. I couldn't believe anyone in our family could afford to live in a place like this. As I reluctantly get out of the car a  man comes to the front door and waves at my mum, this must be the great uncle I didn't know anything about. I took a good look at the man standing there, he was smartly dressed but he was kind of bent over, like he couldn't walk with his back straight.  he reminded me of the hunchback of  notre dame.I chuckle to my self as I walk to the boot of the car to get my bags and both look at me as if I'm the one who's strange. Grabbing my bag and swinging it up over my shoulder I walk back to my mums side. "Megan this is your great uncle Bob, your going to be staying with him  for a while" I look at Bob and hold out my hand,* Hi Bob its good to meet you** Nice to meet you Megan* *Why don't you go on inside and Ill be in soon* I do as I'm told and go inside leaving the door open slightly so I can see what they are doing. The stand with there heads together whispering so quiet, the only thing I can make out is my name and the fact that the mention the house. I see my mum get into the car and drive away leaving me in this dark and grotty house. Feeling lost and loney I take a good look at my surroundings.

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