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Well hello my favourite peeps in the world,  hope ya all feeling great this fine day. Well today I have two very amazing and strong young lady's here to talk with us. Eve Rosser and Claire Danvers from none other then Morganville. Not only have the two came all this way to speak with us but they are here to give one of my lucky followers a copy of Rachel Caines new book Black Dawn, the newest in the Morganville series.


Claire Danvers

Well girls id like to give you both a very big welcome from SBC and thank you both for taking the time to talk with us.

Claire= hello and thanks for having us. It was great that amelie let us come and join you.
Eve=hey what’s up

Welcome Ladies,   I’m very happy to have you here at my blog, for anybody out there could you tell us all a little about your selves please.

Claire=Well my name is Claire and I am a student at Texas Prairie University, I work with the myrnin, and amelie and oliver. I live at the glass house with my friends eve and micheal and my boyfriend shane. And everyday life in morgansville is one adventure after another.

Eve= well my name is Eve and I work at Common Grounds a coffee house owned by Oliver, and I work at the coffee house at the university and I am currently engaged to Micheal who is a vampire, and my other 2 best friends shane and of course Claire.

So we all know that you have both been through some very bad times, and I really don’t know how you have coped. Could you tell us about the worst thing is that you have every been through.

Well for me(Claire) I would have to say wow there have been many since moving to morgansville, but lets see there was the time when  they were going to kill shane wait there have been a few of them how to pick just but lets go with the last thing that happened when she vamp tried to steal him from me and he actually went..

For me (eve) as of right now its all these people trying to tell me that me and micheal cannot get married. That is just bulls@&^@..

Ok a cheeky question, you both have very HOT boyfriends, could you tell me any little secrets about them, lol.   No I’m only joking, well kind of lol.  The real question is how did you get to be with them, and is it hard having a relationship living in Morganville.

Claire= It is very hard to have a HOT boyfriend *wink* especially when everybody else thinks he should be their boyfriend or at least not with me…we have been through some rough times but our love will keep us going..

Eve=Mine is a little more complicated because of micheal being a vampire, and especially now with us being engaged. There are people on both sides that are against us. But we will make down the isle. *smiles*

Now the town has two main vampires that everyone is scared of   and that is Oliver and Amelie can you tell me which you think is the scariest and do you think they will ever get it together and realise they love each other. Do you think Bishop was scarier than the two of them put together. “that  guy all most made me pee my pants” 

Claire=I think Amelie is the scariest because we just never know exactly what to expect from her. And I think In time they will realize that they love each other. Bishop was just down right crazy so I say yes he was scarier then them both put together.

So this next question is probably more for Claire but I’m sure Eve has some views on the matter as well. Is Myrnin as crazy as I think he is, and can you tell me any inside information   on the work he is doing at the moment?  And what do you really think of his fashion sense *whispers* “ I have the same bunny slippers.” Ohhhhh one more thing can Myrnin really do magic.

*laughingly* I wouldn’t say he is crazy lets say that he just has his own way of doing things *eve breaks in and says dude is just plain crazy* lol…well he is still trying to get the computer to work like it did before where it manages who comes and goes from morgansville. Fashion sense and myrnin should not even be used in the same sentence (this is from eve) but I love his bunny slippers also….*laughing*

Claire how did you feel all the times Shane spent time behind bars and how did you manage to help him through everything that went on with his crazy dad.

Well there were times that I thought I would never see him again and it broke my heart, because I love him so much I couldn’t picture life without him¸ and frank well, frank was just plain out cruel and I understand he thought he was doing right after what happened to the his wife and daughter but he still had shane and hetreated him like crap, but there at the end of franks life he saved mine because he knew how much shane loved me so I would have to say in the end he turned out ok.

Eve how did you really feel   when   Michael   got turned into a vampire and did you  ever  come to terms with it.  Has he ever been in need of blood and had a little bite out of you? 

Well at first I was shocked I couldn’t believe what oliver had done to him trapping him as a ghost where he could never leave the house so when Amelie turned him it was sad and reliving because he would no longer be trapped between worlds. But yes I have come to terms with it I couldn’t love him more if he were still human.  Now that’s a question I think better left to the imagination…(laughing)….

Girls I like to ask one random question from the people who stop by my blog, So here is yours.  Have either one of you ever considered being changed into a vampire. 

Eve=I think I can answer for both of us, when I say ummm NO…

Now im going to wrap things up now, because I know you girls have a long way home and I don’t want Oliver or Amelie coming after me for keeping you to long *shivers*  I dread to think what they would do to me.  Have you got any last words you would like to share with my followers.

Claire=I would just like to thank you for having us come share a little of our life with you this has been very exciting and as always any excuse to get out of morgansville is always a pleasure.

Eve=Like Claire said thanks for having us and we had better go because we don’t want to see what they would either.

Black Dawn (The Morganville Vampires, #12)

So there you have it everybody,Claire and Eve. Now as I was saying the two have left  a copy of the newest book in the Morganville series to give a way to one lucky winner. so please follow the rules below and enjoy. xx

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3, If your a fan of this series then please tell us who your favourite character is and why.

Id like to add everyone that I am off to meet Rachel Caine the author of morganville vampires today  in Newcastle uk and if I manage to get my hands on any swag ill  give the winner of this giveaway something extra. GOOD LUCK!!!


  1. Great interview! As for a favorite character, thats a hard one. Can I just say I love them all? Also, have an awesome time in Newcastle. I am so jealous you get to meet Rachel Caine in person but also cheering for you as well. :)
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  2. I love these book! I cant say i have a fav. tho... I love all of them and they make it a story:)
    Great interview i enjoyed it very much.
    Rachel Caine rocks!!
    Thanks for sharing with us

  3. OH MY GOSH. I am in LOVE with Morganville Vampires!!!
    My fave character is Myrnin :D he is just something special!!
    GFC: Arianne Cruz
    email: cruz042 at

  4. Fabulous interview thank you.

    No particular favourite.

    GFC: Mary Preston


  5. Hi! I never read this series before, but they're already in my pile. Hope i'll get to them soon

    gfc : sienny

  6. Great interview! I keep wanting to start reading this series but somehow it gets pushed back! Thanks for the heads up!


  7. Followed the blog; Laura_elf

    Awesome interview as well. :D

    Eve would have to be my favorite simply because she's amazing. :)

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